Let Go, Let Go, Let Go, LET GO! (Part II)

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A ONE MINUTE moment of silence was held in France on November 16th, 2015 as well as in other countries around the world to remember the victims of the murderous attacks that took place on November 13th in the capital city of Paris a place known for the Eifel Tower and lovers in love but not known for a being a hot bed of terrorist groups or activity. In all three days of morning will be observed to help start the long process of healing and coping with unimaginable grief.

Editor’s Note: See Part I of Let Go, Let Go, Let Go, LET GO!

Today also marked the conclusion of the G-20 Conference that was held in Antalya, Turkey. French President Francois Hollande made an impassioned plea for the rest of the “civilized world” to join him and to join together in unity to “turn up the heat” on the inhuman murders who committed this unspeakable atrocity. The plea was also intended to rally support for nations such as the United States and Russia to conduct military activity against those countries who host these barbarians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stood up with a powerful display of leadership which is his trademark style to call on and call out those nations many of whom were present at the conference to stop financing terror via illegal oil trades that was uncovered by Russian spy photographs. Cutting off their access to the enormous amounts of money they had access was a key component in helping to defeat the Islamic State along with their supporters. At no point did the Russian President mention any military intervention from his country would be forthcoming but we already know that since one of his civilian passenger planes was shot down by this same group of Islamic Militants it is only a matter of time before the Russian “bear” roars and lets the bombs reign down with hell bent fury.

Conversely and not surprisingly United States President Barack Obama who has long thought to be a sympathizer or worse to ISIS pointed out that “progress is being made” despite the violence that has engulfed various regions over the past five weeks. President Obama seemed by and large satisfied with the current US strategy to defeat ISIS and that it would be a slow but steady process. A typically spineless/gutless response who has leadership skills in his Golf game but nowhere else. A slice of Swiss cheese will always stand taller and stronger than Obama ever will. We pray for an early end to his failed presidency.

In a tragic time such as this where blood was spilled on foreign soil by those who can’t or won’t Let Go, Let Go, Let Go, LET GO, the United States should be demonstrating for all to see why we are (were) the leaders of the free world. The torch of world leadership has been passed on and grabbed by Vladimir Putin who despite his numerous transgressions and times of questionable judgement or motives is now a world statesman as it was he that called for calm during the aftermath of the attacks. It will be President Putin to rally the world in the fight against ISIS in addition to other violence craving extremists.

There are those who feed gasoline onto the fire by making outrageously false accusatory and inflammatory statements that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (which the source natural put the blame squarely on the peace loving State Of Israel) as being a contributing factor in this unconscionable act of barbarism. Let Go, Let Go, Let Go, LET GO! LET GO OF THE HATE! Hate nurtures the growth of hate until it explodes into one or several acts of terrorism that uses the immense power of fear to cripple people into giving up living their lives.

Clamoring has been heard to note the opinion that closing our borders, deportations of refugees, stricter citizenship requirements, etc. further enrage these people into feeling as they are outside of society and thereby not wanted anywhere by anyone. How many of us went to school and felt left out or unwanted by our classmates but the result of which was not violent psychotic behavior. Nobody wants to feel dehumanized or humiliated as did happen to many school children. Save for a couple of lone disturbed crazies there have been no rash of suicide bombers and alike. Social causes I am sure there are an abundance of. These people are not in need of sympathetic social workers whose shoulders they can weep and tell their troubles to. What the Islamic State needs to feel is the heat from missiles headed their way perhaps or perhaps not with nuclear warheads attached.

Let Go, Let Go, Let Go, LET GO! Let go of the notion that perhaps (we wish there was) there is a non-violent answer to this problem i.e Tiny Tim (remember him?) strumming his ukulele while “tip toeing through the tulips” tossing flowers from his straw basket along with his bride Miss Vicki. The “Woodstock Generation” were from a bygone era. Peace and love are great but when over 100 people are senselessly slaughtered and over 300 innocent people injured or maimed the recreation of hippiedom is not the answer. How we wish it was all that simple.

The ripples of this attack have already washed up on our shores with necessary inconveniences evoking memories of the day the Twin Towers burned and fell thunderously to the ground thanks to the benevolence of yet another radical hatred filled group. The Twin Towers were affront to them as was our way of life. They resented our freedom. We had to be shown we can be squashed like bugs underfoot. We see years later that despite the terror and the carnage America and freedom live on!

Let Go, Let Go, Let Go, LET GO! Let go of your self-centered willingness to sacrifice your lives in order tot take ours. A coward blows himself up since he can’t bear to witness what he has done nor fathom why but afraid to face the fate he knows will await him if he (she) lives. Kill the doctors that fought feverishly to save your failed miserable life only for you to try and take it once again and bring others along for your ride to death. Your success is far from guaranteed but what will befall innocent inhabitants of your villages in your countries will not make you a hero in their eyes. They will one day rise up against you to put an end to the disease of death and destruction you breathe.

Let Go, Let Go, Let Go, LET GO!   Let your hatred go already before it’s too late for your families who will pay for what you have done. Perhaps your children or parents mean nothing to you but they are what they have for each other to hold on to. They (if they are of sound mind) will hunt you down like a rabbit in the woods and kill you on sight!


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. Joel, you consider letting go of the notion that things will change in the Middle East, given the history, and not just a few hundred years. America has no business and has never had any business being in the middle of this, super power or not. Explain to the families who have lost members of their families to these atrocious wars and for what reason.
    Secondly, what I find amazing is that we don’t discuss where and how this started, this is a problem that was caused by Saudi Arabia, this is where the Taliban roots began. What is Saudi Arabia doing to fix this problem, next to nothing. As a matter of fact the US has been spending $50B a year in military expense, seems odd that they would need financial help.

    This country hasn’t still learned its lesson, dating back to the Vietnam War, we just keep sticking our nose into other peoples business.

    • John, Thank you for taking the time to read my article and posting your comments. On certain levels I agree with you while on others I do not. It is my opinion that letting go of the hate will to a large degree help these situations. It is not a question of the United States “sticking our nose into other people’s business” but out duty as world leader is to see conflict and try to help resolve it if we can although we do tend to try to push our solutions on other country’s disputes. Thank you again for reading my article!

    • Joel, it really has to do with our ability to let go of believing we are responsible for the rest of the world. Look what happened in Libya, when we dethroned the regime there, chaos. Same problem in Iran, we keep getting involved in conflicts that have nothing to do with us, Afghanistan another prime example. It’s easy to tell people to let go, but not when they’ve spent a lifetime of embracing hate. Just look at us here in the US, we’ve never let go of racism and we never will.

    • John, As leaders of the free world we do have a certain responsibility to help other nations who are in the midst of a crises. This does not necessarily mean military aid. Yes, these people have spent a lifetime hating which will be quite difficult to stop be we have to try. Racism we have let go except for a few splinter groups and other racists (Beyonce) but is is nowhere as comon place as it was. John, I want to thank you for your continued comments.