Lessons from the Music of Eagles, Metallica, Def Leppard, and Newsboys

Think of your favorite band or song. I would be thrilled if there is commonality! Let me introduce you to a few bands that have inspired me, created music that is almost immortal, and offered life lessons.

Eagles – Unique/Original

On a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair” – I’m sure you know the rest! If you are a musician, perhaps, you are aware that the chord progression for Hotel California is unique. The moment anyone strums those chords, the lyrics of the song find a way to the lips of the listener. With 4 guitars in the lineup, Eagles mastered the art of complementing – each guitar player contributing a different yet harmonizing part. “When you create something original, from your heart, it becomes evident. Almost magnetic that it begins to draw people to you.”

Metallica – Collaboration

What song comes to your mind when you hear Metallica? For me, it is Nothing Else Matters. These trash metal monsters, known for their loudness, collaborated with Michael Kamen and the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra to create an epic concert – Symphony & Metallica (S&M). Metallica’s best sounded better than the best. Both Metallica and Michael Kamen went great lengths to make this collaboration a reality. The result was truly the best of both worlds. Classical and metal. “Collaborations can result in masterpieces even if the idea is unconventional.”

Def Leppard – Resilience

When Rick Allen (aka Thunder God) lost his arm in a tragic car accident, most of the world thought Rick’s career as a hard rock drummer was over. However, Rick’s bandmates didn’t give up on him. They epitomized Brotherhood over Glory. They retained him as the drummer and developed a custom drum kit that enabled Rick to utilize his 3 functional limbs to their fullest potential. “When Def Leppard hangs their boots, the world will not only remember them for their classic rock anthems but also for the message of resilience they have conveyed through their journey.”

Newsboys/Duncan Phillips – Push the Limits

This Australian band has been around for more than two decades. When the time came to carve a niche for themselves in the industry, Newsboys’ drummer, Duncan Phillips was the one to push the limits. At a certain point during their concert, the drum platform begins to rotate/tilt while Duncan is busy hammering the kit. I had vertigo just watching Duncan’s insane act. This extraordinary showmanship has earned Newsboys and Duncan a high degree of respect and admiration in the industry.

Who comes to your mind when you think of collaboration, resilience, or pushing the limits? Is there a certain band/musician that has influenced you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Ranjith Abraham
Ranjith Abrahamhttps://milesapartmusic.com/
Ranjith Abraham is a pharmaceutical professional focussed on patient safety through accurate labeling. He is also the songwriter/piano player for Miles Apart, a global musical endeavor that enables friends around the globe to collaborate and create music virtually. He believes in storytelling and in the mantra that no matter how trivial our offerings are, we must allow the recipients to define their worth. Though challenging, Ranjith is grateful for the opportunity to parent his son and daughter. Born and raised in India, he now lives with his wife and kids in Philadelphia. Ranjith draws inspiration to write from life lessons that are tucked away in the insignificant happenings around him. His passion for music/photography fuels creativity and helps him genuinely connect with people. A firm believer of the equation ‘Leadership = Servanthood’, Ranjith’s vision is to positively influence people so they can impact their world through timely and meaningful contributions.


  1. Although I’m a die hard Eagles fan, the bands chemistry was essentially ruined by the colossal egos of founders Henley and Fry. This was best exemplified by their firing of Don Felder, the guitarist mastermind behind “Hotel California” post their 1998 reunion.Original bassist Randy Meisner was similarly hounded out of the group. Behind the scenes there was little collaboration or true brotherhood in this group unfortunately – just megalomaniac egos chasing the mighty buck at all costs up until the current day.

    Some of the greatest music of all time nonetheless!

  2. Thank you Ranjith, indeed music has it’s own magic way to inspire, great share!
    Nothing comes to mind, to share at this moment. But for me “the mood in need” decides what I will listen to.
    It is never the same, that’s the beauty of it.