Lesson from the Labyrinth

Any long journey or challenging goal can be an intimidating prospect. Whether it is the pursuit of a very challenging goal or an actual pilgrimage, there are times of hope and discouragement as you follow the path.

While on a retreat, I had the opportunity to walk a labyrinth. This labyrinth is a meandering circular path that symbolizes a purposeful journey.

Labyrinths have been used throughout history to represent a pilgrimage for people who could not make an actual pilgrimage.

The labyrinth I walked is in a peaceful wooded area. It has a circular sculpture in the middle, which symbolizes the end of the pilgrimage. The path through the labyrinth wanders back and forth until you reach the symbolic journey’s destination. There is a point on the path where you are close enough to the end that you can reach out and touch it. The path then carries you away from the goal.

Even though there is only one path, I felt like I must have made a mistake. I seemed so close to my goal, but I was not. The path continued bringing me farther away, then nearer, but not quite as close as the point where I could touch my goal. Just as I was wondering where this path was bringing me, I arrived at the center.

Many of our goals are like that. We get close to a goal only to be pulled away. The appearance of not progressing toward our goals can be confusing and discouraging. When we move farther from our goal, we begin to doubt ourselves. As in a pilgrimage, the cure for the discouragement in seeking your goal is faith. In the case of your goal, you need to have faith you can accomplish it. It is easy to give up. Resist the urge and push forward. Worthwhile goals are rarely easy.

Leap and the net will appear.

–John Burroughs


Chad C. Betz
Chad C. Betz
Chad C. Betz is a financial services executive with over 20 years of experience, a keynote speaker and the author of "Late Bloomer, It's not too late to succeed!", a highly reviewed book, that uses his experiences and personal stories to demonstrate how people can succeed at any age. He has advised CEOs and coached business people. Chad holds a Master's Degree in Economics. Chad is also a martial artist with black belts in two nontraditional styles and is currently studying Goju Ryu. He is a husband and father of two plus an overweight, prematurely gray dog that reminds him of himself.

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  1. Welcome Chad! Like you, We have not one but two overweight, indulged pooches, Shih Tzus.

    What a creative article! Labyrinths can be reflective of life. I am going to ponder this. Thank you! I look forward to reading more from you.💖

  2. Thaaaanks dear Chad for this simple in appearance, yet so deep and powerful in reality message! You’re here so beautifully articulating the angst of anyone of us who has experienced an awakening and started being aware of the 4th and most important component of our wholeness: the spiritual one, contributing to the world in a principled way, being on a mission much bigger than our small self, leaving a legacy!

    So than you again for this timeless and empowering message!

  3. Chad – Welcome to the BC360 family. You are now on a journey to respectful engagement and powerful encouragement. While searching for your new goal, you will meet fellow travelers who will become true friends. The best part – your trip will be a period of personal growth. Great first article.

  4. Chad, welcome to our family! Congratulations on publishing your first article. You should realize your article is chock full of inspiration and hope which in this difficult time is refreshing and necessary. When you struggle or fail to see progress the temptation will always be to quit as that is the easiest yet worse thing a person can do. There are challenges that await all of us be they virus related or not.