Less is More, Growth Pedal to the Floor and Keeping The Door ….. Closed

I have been struggling to out into words some mixed feelings and reflections after a curious 7-10 days so resorted to my creative friend —poetry in case that was helpful and the following emerged over the past 30 minutes so I thought I would share it. Narration to follow and will be available at the foot of this blog.

Less is More, Growth Pedal to the Floor and Keeping The Door ….. Closed

Too many words and strands to share
I find myself resorting
To this prose to lay bare

The depth of separation
Between chasing yet more growth in the West
And the collapsing systems all over the world
Increasingly being felt in my chest

To grow ‘double digit’
To invest in M&A
Is to look in the opposite direction
From those who are having to pay
The ultimate price
Often with their life
To keep us in our perceived comfort
Can we keep ignoring the strife?

That is increasingly arriving
Both near and far
To harm those thousands of miles away
Is to harm ourselves too, how bizarre!

You see less is more is a book by Jason Hickel
It looks well beyond just chasing the next nickel
He shares with deep clarity
So much of what I know to be true
But who am I to say or do anything
And what about you?

We are fed that growth is key
To sustain a good life
Yet spiritual and mental bankruptcy
Is exponentially on the rise

We know in the West
That something is missing
But we are educated to conform
To stay silent and complicit

In a system that serves
Only a few
The global minority
It’s a very different view

To what the Western media
And education teach us
That we are so special and in need of external validation
They act like leeches

Sucking not only our blood
But our spirt and soul
What if there was a new story
One we could co-create and have told?

In the textbooks of the future
Centring those most impacted
Is a critical step forward
To move away from the reactive

Approach to growth and accumulation of things
Let’s be honest,
If we have no planet, who really wins?

The fact that this game of life
Is offered at all
Is something we should be curious about
Not just continue to fall

Into the short-term myopia
Of it being just about us
I am finding my own ways
To kick up more of a fuss

To hold space and invite
A new type of expression
Remembering our connection to ourselves
We can get better at holding tension

We can centre wellbeing and health
Community and connection
There is enough of everything for all
We need to re-distribute with intention

This stuff is big
Who knows what will emerge next?
What I do know for sure
It will take a lot more than that next text

Offering 50% off this
70% off that
When can we stop consuming so much
And being such a tw*t!

Shortages of food
And base raw materials
Global supply chains collapsing
The ‘new normal’ that feels totally surreal

I am keen to find those humans
That can feel these tensions too
Let’s connect and share ideas
About what we can do

To wave the flag for re-centring
Those most in need
Of us shifting to wellbeing as the metric
And way from just greed

It is hard, we can feel trapped
But we should not feel shame
We are where we are
But this is turning into a critical game

The planet will live on
Whether we are here or not
Time to get humble
And join a lot more dots


Garry Turner
Garry Turner
Combining a powerful mix of international sales and culture expertise, Garry is facilitating individual and team transformations as an interpersonal catalyst. With over 20 years of sales and relationship building experience and qualified in organisational design and development, learning & development and as a chartered member of the CIPD, he focuses on bringing intentional human-centred working to all walks of life, and has the evidence to validate this necessary paradigm shift. Whether through connection-centred workshops, keynote talks, live events or through Thinking Partnerships, Garry is driven by his two non-negotiable core values of growth and connection.

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