Leaving Brazil: with Prescriptions for Kindness

In summary, we spent a maximum of two hours out of ten in the lounge. I drank, ate, and used the locker. Until the very end, the only people who warmly welcomed my baby, who showed affection, and played with her were some of the staff members.

It was heartwarming and merely confirmed, once again, how meaningless our bank account, social status, belongings, and anything material is when our emotional world is shallow and scarcity-based.

My baby was comfortable during the last hour. The Universe was generous and rewarded my patience and acceptance of the circumstances I couldn’t control. Three families were sweet to Mimi. I was observing their warmth with a peaceful smile.

The icing of the cake, when he finished his shift and was about to leave, the guy who suggested the airport smoking area in the beginning and offered Mimi some cheese he prepared himself came in our direction to say goodbye.

“I felt I had to apologize in person for the inconvenience and tell you how much I appreciated your bright smile and shining presence!”

His free act of kindness moved me to tears before adding, “Oh goodness, I can say the same thing about you. I was observing your servant leadership manifestations and smiling. Your vibration is the infectious kind the world desperately needs! Thank you for being a blessing!”

“Awww, thank you! I am about to cry!”

“Please do! Your vulnerability is a gift to our world and takes a great deal of character strength!”

“No way! That’s what I always tell my husband!”

“There is a reason why we clicked instantly!”

“We will meet again; I know we will!”

“I feel it too in my heart! This is merely an ‘au revoir’!”


My Heart Breaks a Little Whenever I Recall How Harsh My Trip to Brazil Was on My Baby Girl Mimi


Myriam Ben Salem
Myriam Ben Salem
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