Leaving Brazil: with Prescriptions for Kindness

Before leaving Brazil where my baby Mimi and I spent three months, I needed to find a solution for my fur kid’s anxiety. Not only are cats naturally averse to change, including traveling, but our planned trip was a 30+ one.

When I asked the hostel manager, he directed me to the closest vet clinic. It was Friday evening, and we were supposed to fly on Monday. The on-call veterinarian said he would prescribe the medication a friend recommended. He merely needed to check its availability with the pet’s store.

Since it took much time to check the handiness, I decided to come back the following day. The staff was different. Interestingly, the new vet informed me she couldn’t prescribe the drug I asked for. She explained that it was too strong; thus, prohibited by the airline companies. I felt confused and wanted to understand how possibly her colleague was ready to proceed with the prescription, being armed with the knowledge he was risking my kid’s life.

I sensed her embarrassment. She called him to understand as requested. After many trials to reach him, she was able to talk to him and update me. “He wasn’t aware we were taking the airplane”, was the excuse he provided. Judging by her body language, I guess that she realized I was anything but convinced.

That’s how far a money-driven person lacking integrity may go, sadly enough!

Because the new vet wanted to genuinely help while caring and having my baby’s best interests in her heart, she took enough time to make sure to pick the very optimal option. When she came back, she was accompanied by another member of the staff for whom it was easier to communicate in English.

She told me they had been checking with some special pharmacies that manipulate medication and that it was too late, unfortunately. The workaround was to buy the human medicine and use a quarter of the pill, which I accepted reluctantly. I took my prescription and went to a drugstore. When I asked whether they had the adequate tool to cut the pill, their answer was negative. Thus, I decided to visit a second pharmacy. The person in charge notified me they had the medication only in capsules.

Consequently, I had to come back to the first drugstore. The pharmacist was kind and agreed she would cut it for me using a knife. After purchasing the drug, I followed her inside. When I opened the package, it was funny to witness the shock on her face when discovering it was a capsules form. I started laughing. The pharmacist was abashed and apologized for the inconvenience. “There is nothing to be sorry for, my friend! You did your very best to help, and I’m grateful! The Universe has other plans, and I’ll figure them out at the right time, I suppose!” was my answer.

I was refunded and went back to the clinic with the hope of being granted another option. Unluckily, the vet reported it was the only medicine she could prescribe for my situation. After a quick investigation, she affirmed the drug existed in both forms. Nevertheless, the pills were rare to be found in the traditional stores. She made some attempts by phone looking for the pills form, then generously gave me my money back before advising me to check with other clinics.

“My baby had a consultation. You spent a considerable amount of time and consumed much energy. I believe I owe you this money!”, to which she responded, “I would have deserved it if I provided you with a solution to your problem! You don’t owe me a thing! Please keep me posted and take care of your baby!”

I was overwhelmed by her kindness. She was another muse sent by the Universe. My concerns magically vanished.

I reached the next clinic after calling an Uber. There were two receptionists. One of them was lovely. The other one was unpleasant. I could feel much resentment and grandiosity even though she did her best to hide her true colors. I didn’t sit well with her energy, but it didn’t matter.

I am grateful to all the difficult people and challenging relationships I have known during this physical existence, so far. Thanks to them, I became almost immune to toxic individuals. That’s what I call a priceless gift!

Dr. Ramani, one of my very favorite, most knowledgeable, and generous therapists, invented a brilliant acronym I would love to share: C.R.A.V.E.D.

  • C: Conflict,
  • R: Rigid,
  • A: Antagonist,
  • V: Victim/Vindictive,
  • E: Entitled,
  • D: Dysregulated,

Before deciding to consult, I needed to test the vet’s integrity. Hence, I asked whether they could prescribe the strong medication after exposing the situation. The first receptionist didn’t give it a second thought before kindly going to check. Meanwhile, the other one prepared the bill.

The answer came and confirmed my doubts. Interestingly, it was consistent with asking me to pay the fees before starting anything. It was enough to make my mind, and I was open about one of my reasons: the fees were too high compared to the other clinic.

It was amusing to observe the facial expression of the toxic receptionist: a combination of shock and indignation. I smiled internally!

The sweet receptionist compassionately ordered an Uber for me after sharing I had a problem with my App. She also waited for the driver with me outside the clinic. “Thank you for going the extra mile! Most importantly, thank you for being an authentic and humane person. The animals you are taking care of are fortunate!”

Her sparkling face and the numerous “thank yous” she articulated were soul-soothing and fulfilling! No matter what would happen, it was a good day!

I checked with a few more drugstores without any success. Therefore, I decided I would manipulate the medication myself after getting the first vet’s approval. The last pharmacist was another muse and accepted to simulate the whole process.

Our connection was beautiful, and we had some good laughs. My gratitude was indescribable when leaving.

Eventually, the medication didn’t work out as expected. Instead of twelve hours of calmness, we merely enjoyed a few minutes. Mimi was crazy. It was another sleepless night like what we experienced during the outward journey. Appealingly, every time the pain was becoming seemingly unbearable, I reminded myself we would have enough rest in the lounge I booked for the purpose. The day pass was expensive, but I thought it was worth it. The truth is it turned out to be anything but a good idea. The receptionist told me Mimi couldn’t leave her trip container. It was unquestionable to keep my baby imprisoned for more than the 12-hour-flight duration.

Before leaving the lounge, I asked for a box I could use as a litter. My body was exhausted, but Mamma’s heart kept me going. I had no choice after all! I released my fur kid while using a harness gently. One of the lounge staff members recommended taking her to the airport smoking area, which she loved, luckily enough.

After a while, I found a free rest area nearby. Unlike what happened in the lounge where Mimi didn’t stop meowing, she was very calm and didn’t even need to get outside her container. She slept peacefully. I might have a theory about it. As opposed to the airplane or lounge, the area was almost empty. It seems to me that because animals are pure, they feel the energy around them with no filter. Their intuition was not distorted like what happens, in general, for human beings.

When your primary modes of knowing are based on (a) the physical or material world and (b) your associations with it, intuition is an occasional guest in your life. Intuition does function at this level, but it is more like a tool that you pick up, or something that is suddenly there or not. If you are working with intuition on these levels, it will seem unpredictable.

When you are leading a fulfilling life, one with meaning for you (level c), intuition can be fully integrated into your life and an equal partner with your logic, if you commit to it. Remember: intuition thrives in meaning and travels on love. When you love your life and its purpose, intuition becomes a way of life. You understand how it functions, and know that you can count on intuition’s wise and elegant input.

The fourth way-spiritual or essence level knowing allows you to be one with or resonant with that which you want to know. At this level, there is no separation between yourself and the other, so direct knowledge is available. — Patanjali


Myriam Ben Salem
Myriam Ben Salem
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