In Depth: What Are We Learning From “Just Google It?”

For medicine substitute say investment advice, financial advice or mortgage advice and you will find the same – more forms and more time on compliance. Doctors, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, investment advisors, mortgage industry specialists, and legislators are no different to most types of workers in the need for a different education. Computerized manufacturing means that artisans are not needed to produce most manufactured goods. It is likely that the workforce required to produce all the world’s goods will be reduced by 90%. People’s activities will centre around the innovative use of information achieved with the assistance of the Internet.

Innovative designers will be needed to design goods that have never been designed before. Knowledge of what is in demand, where, why and by whom, knowledge of what competitors are up to, knowledge of what is happening in nanotechnology, in development of new materials and new components, useful contacts worldwide in all the parties that might help in the development, manufacture, and marketing as well as the latest in aids for designers and much more. will determine who is likely to succeed and who is likely to fail.

The production of a better mousetrap which will be successfully and profitably marketed worldwide will be a collaborative effort coordinated by the successful innovator using the latest in communication techniques in a time efficient method.

One would have thought that the far more important potential life-saving function would also be a collaborative effort coordinated by the successful general practitioner using the latest in communication techniques in a time efficient manner. Lest this seem inapplicable to medicine, ponder this. Remote monitoring and even treatment of injured people exists today as does computer images of the patient being watched by surgeons employed to undertake keyhole surgery with the aid of robotics rather than the patient directly. This existing technology could facilitate more generally cooperative efforts by specialists of different skills worldwide for any patient. Couple this with monitoring changes in heart rhythms, blood pressure, breathing etc linked to information on the patient himself all using algorithms to assess risks, suggest possibilities and prioritize treatments and reduce unnecessary procedures undertaken for box-ticking reasons. The possible need for drugs and equipment can be transmitted without diverting the attention of the specialist. All this could be undertaken to keep the patient or his family aware of choices in conjunction with the coordinating specialist.

Of course, should be recognized that I have outlined the above strategy for an operation without my having the benefit of the necessary collaboration with a range of appropriate experts with differing skills. The point is that this is the way ahead in product design, medicine and whatever.

In simplistic terms How to Google is the more reliable method of obtaining information than seeking to recall long ago data possibly outdated learned by rote or otherwise. We need to be educated as to how to obtain this the data necessary for a specific purpose quickly and comprehensively. We need to be taught how to assemble and utilize that data for the purpose which might be innovative and cutting edge and how to test the probability of its reliability and effectiveness. This should include putting all of this in a form readily understandable by third parties. If only my own training had been better this article would meet the criteria that I have suggested. Your comments agreeing, disagreeing, amplifying, questioning or seeking clarification would be welcomed as part of a collaborative effort to ensure the education system is changed so as to be dynamic and adaptive in order meet the ever-changing needs of our children and grandchildren in their future lives.

Clive Russell
Clive Russell
CLIVE currently serves as Joint President of Russell Business LLC (“RB”), which is the collective name for a community of synergistic and complementary activities and businesses encompassing the International Property Market. RB is engaged in business activities that combine cutting-edge structured finance and technology geared to maximize returns from various sectors, including residential and commercial property, hotels and energy-related assets. Over the years, Clive’s forte’ has been the ability to develop and/or identify “below the radar” concepts, strategies and opportunities ripe for leveraging and ultimate success.




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