Learning in the Digital Age

The digital age with its ability to transmit data at, nearly the speed of light, has altered the way people work, play, and interact with their fellow human beings. The digital age brings speed and complexity, to every interaction on the web. Today, you can interact with people on another side of the globe, with no difficulty, via Skype or other web conferencing tools.

The issue isn’t if people can communicate with these devices. The issue is how effectively are these tools being used to facilitate communication, as well as, other societal interactions.

Moreover, the digital economy demands a diverse skill set that traditional education systems, have not yet, fully implemented into the curriculum. I think three key concepts that are vital for, personal success in the digital age, are the ability to learn, unlearn, relearn.


The digital age requires workers to have a different skill set. In the pre-digital era, a professional didn’t need constant updating on new technologies just to maintain parity with the global competition. Today, the digital age is ushering in just in time learning modules. Further, the webinar has largely replaced the old method of learning via conferences, correspondence courses, etc. The onus of learning today is on the individual. Today, a professional can take courses on thousands of subjects on the internet free of charge.


The concept of unlearning something is taxing to the human mind. The digital age requires that outdated methodologies, be expeditiously removed from any manufacturing process. For example, if a more efficient means of making car batteries are invented, the old method must be discarded quickly. Moreover, the worker who has made cells for twenty years must learn the new methodology. In the coming decades, the process of unlearning will advance at a geometric pace.


Relearning is the most important of these three concepts. Relearning means discarding the, tried and true ways, of doing business to implement a more practical approach to creative capitalism. Apple is a great company today, due to the fact, it never accepts mediocrity in the production of its products, services, etc. Apple always seeks better materials, as well as, more efficient manufacturing processes, for its iPhone,iPad, etc.

In closing, I think the digital era will bring further advancements in productivity, creativity, etc. I believe these tools will continue to evolve with humanity.

Phillip D'Amato
Phillip D'Amato
Phillip D ‘Amato is an echocardiographer who has a passion for writing and for reading classic literature. I have worked in the field of non-invasive cardiology for twenty-five years. I enjoy studying history and am committed to preserving the environment for future generations. I write primarily about technology and other diverse fields on social media. I am working on e-publishing a sci-fi anthology series in the near future. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and here.


  1. I enjoyed this Phillip. I watched my daughters who grew up with a PC, cell phones and other digital devices. For the millennials and younger, learning, unlearning and re-learning is like breathing. For people my age all three are a challenge, however we must be in the time and effort.