LEAD from REALITY-PARTNERING: Entrepreneurial Genius from a Higher Power

–Savanting Study 11: Andrew – Lead from Reality-Partnering


Reality’s dynamic order goes undetected by those who haven’t experienced long-term, top-talent flow.  Consequently, the ability to capitalize on that dynamic order, that higher power, hasn’t been cultivated by our civilization.  That changes now, Andrew.  Here are my strategies and tips to accelerate your proficiency with the reality-partnering portion of entrepreneurial genius.


Secret 1:  Why reality accelerates flow-event pursuits    Why does reality proactively help us with facilitating people, events, and coincidences when we’re in top-talent flow while it’s seemingly so chaotic and obstructive when we’re not in flow?  The only logical answer is that we and our reality are a single system.  When flow re-orders us inside, it re-orders reality simultaneously to achieve the same goals.

Therefore, if we’re trying to achieve “manual entrepreneuring” between flows, we’ll need to replace that re-ordering process.  We’ll need to order our interior maximizing machinery to drive the external machinery which has co-evolved with all living systems to maximize them.  A higher power driving the evolutionary advance of reality.

For example, when we’re in top-talent flow, only the parts of the brain required to apply our strongest talents to the task at hand are activated.  The body’s resources and focus are singularly dedicated to one challenge.  That focus informs the entire internal-external system.

You’ll need to discover your personal centering method to enlist the same beneficial and benevolent support from reality as flow incites.  Perhaps mindfulness or concentration techniques could work for you, Andrew.  One certainly doesn’t want one’s fears or internal conflicts driving the internal-external machinery when between flows.  That would be chaos in the making.

Secret 2:  Flow growth is cumulative    Many people – including flow experts – view flow experiences as isolated events.  They aren’t.  Especially when we’re talking about the top-talent-flow living that my work promotes.  To enter flow state, one must be stretched beyond one’s previous capabilities.  Growth is the entrance fee.  Therefore, each flow state is a cumulative growth event.

The cumulative growth led by top-talent flow is consistently towards maximum performance.  Evolution would not have selected any other goal for the survival of the individual or the species.  This maximum occurs when we’re applying our strongest, most rewarding talents in the most meaningful and contributive way.

That’s why evolutionary forces selected addictive, emotionally-rewarding, biochemical complexes to entice us back to peak-performance, peak-creativity flow states; to growth, learning, and adaptivity; and to the application of our strongest talents.


There are four key reality-partnering directions that the maximizing machinery running reality supports during and between flows:

Direction 1:  Maximization    The call to maximize and re-maximize is never-ending.  Maximization is the theme behind all of reality’s positive and pulling messages and signposts.  Watch to see them in action during top-talent flows to know how to use them between flows.  Because we and reality are a single system, you’ll find the same directional themes throughout.  Read messages inside or out to know where to go and what to do in order to have events in reality facilitate your progress between flows.

Direction 2:  Growth Paths to Maximization    If you experience top-talent flow regularly, you’ll notice the content of those events shift to tasks associated with a specific series of growth paths.  The top-talent flows are trying to maximize you from all sides and reality partners to help.

  • If reality’s not giving you love between flows, try pursuing these growth paths. Not only will you sustain your entrepreneurial best, Andrew, that “best” is going to get continuously better for the rest of your life.  Here are some of the stronger growth paths which reality favors:
  • the unceasing call to maximize and re-maximize;
  • the narrowing to your strongest talents and their most powerful application – the defining criteria for operating at the goal state of biological maximum or self-actualization;
  • the expansion of the impact of those strongest talents since, again, that would define peak performance;
  • the steady cultivation of your creativity domain through frontier after frontier;
  • the continuous development of your “Andrew talent science” to grow your expertise for applying your strongest talents;
  • the continuous expansion of your consciousness to increase your performance and functionality: functionality upgrades will include predictable improvements in executive-level cognitive skills such as increased conceptual skills; relational, big-picture, abstract, strategic, and systems thinking; pattern recognition; trend analysis; and such;
  • the perpetual pursuit of self-transcendence.

Read more about these key growth paths in Lead from Full Power, IV: The Growth Path (Study 7).

Direction 3:  Historical themes or past patterns of events    In previous Studies and articles, I’ve described how to identify tasks which will trigger top-talent flow events using several themes or patterns of high-performance events or pursuits from your past.  The past predicts the future.

Honoring these themes between flows will ensure repeat performances of reality’s support.  Also, pursuing these themes will have you doing the very tasks which will trigger your quick return to the top-talent flow states of “automatic entrepreneuring,” the real goal:

top-talent-flow theme; creative-success theme; creativity-pursuit theme; spontaneous-creativity theme; successful-projects theme and its corollary, unsuccessful-projects theme; knowledge-pursuit theme; spontaneous-knowledge theme; frontiering-pursuit theme; unpaid-work theme; meaning-pursuit theme; positive-emotions theme; and the above growth themes. 

Tasks from these themes will trigger “automatic entrepreneuring” which offers maximum reality-partnering and creativity.  You’ll want to exploit this predictability.

Direction 4:  Supported Projects    You’ll also want to continue with whatever projects your top-talent flow states have been leading you to pursue and reality has been facilitating of late.  Just as these projects have been supported by reality while you were in flow state, that support from reality-partnering will continue between flow events.  Capitalize on this, Andrew.

But please do cease to pursue a supported project when you hit events impeding your progress – when reality is no longer supporting you.  Try other directions or projects until you find one that reality supports with facilitating events.  “Automatic entrepreneuring” will kick in shortly afterwards with this formula.

Because the past predicts the future, you can appear psychic.  Knowing these four directions, means you’ll know when reality will or will not support your actions or goals.  The quality of your decisions, direction-setting, and project selection will increase dramatically.

You were concerned that you would not have people around you to help you make decisions, Andrew.  Obviously, reality can now become your new partner for this.


Let’s look deeper into the instructional and directional messages from reality.  As you contemplate each signal, validate it for yourself.  Check your past to prove that signposts existed in your reality.  For example, were there signals which flagged upcoming bad events that could have been avoided?  Were there signals of good events that could have been embraced to change your life for the better?  As you learn reality’s language, exploit its predictability for future work.  This is how you can operate as if you have the entrepreneurial instincts of natural-born entrepreneurs, Andrew.

1 Proactively pursue reality’s facilitating events    It’s a good idea to always interrupt what you’re doing to find out why facilitating events in reality are enticing you to proceed in a different direction.  Facilitators don’t usually exist unless they’re beneficial to your maximization and achievement.  Therefore, move in the direction they indicate as long as the enticements continue.

You may have noticed that when you’re in top-talent flow, clusters of coincidences and other facilitating events increase significantly.  In fact, there is usually an equal increase in breakthroughs inside.  This is because we and our realities are a single system.  They both reflect creativity throughout the internal-external system.  They are both creations resulting from the re-combining of existing systems to generate a novel system.  You’ve merged with nature’s creative engine.

One coincidence or breakthrough can bypass hundreds of steps to your goal.  They are therefore highly desirable.  Move in their direction.  Proactively exploit them for product development, execution creativity, direction-setting, creations, problem-solving, and so on.

2  Avoid past failed formulas    If a particular formula of activity or project has failed to yield profits or good outcomes in the past, it’s likely going to fail in your future.  Take some safe steps into the direction of alternative goals until reality shows it approves by responding with facilitators and support.  These will indicate that you’re back on your maximization path.  Keep going.  Top-talent flow will re-start shortly.  Past patterns predict future patterns because the maximum for your system is a constant and how reality pressures your system to maximize is also a constant.

3  Pursue past successful formulas    There are no blocks or negative emotions in flow state.  Therefore, if troubling events show up in your reality between flows for pursuits which have been supported in the past, you’re likely trying to take this supported pursuit into the wrong direction or to advance at the wrong time.

If, historically, facilitating events have supported a specific project, try again later.  Blocks may simply mean to delay.  It could be that something else must happen first before you should proceed.  That “something” could even be inside of you such as new information, a new perspective, a new skill, or the resolution of a conflict, for example.

The higher power for entrepreneurial genius is a maximizing machinery or infrastructure of systems about which it knows all.  Reality’s signposts let you operate as if you too know all.

4  Capitalize on the dynamic order visible with expanded consciousness    How does expanded consciousness help you with “manual entrepreneuring?”  Imagine your life events are boxes floating past you as you sit in a rowboat on a river.  You don’t see the order.  However, the order, the patterns, the trends, the synergies, the synchronization, the flow, and the interconnectedness of systems become obvious if you’re in a plane flying over the boxes on the river.  You may not see reality’s dynamic order until your vision expands.  That’s why, in normal consciousness, reality appears chaotic and random.

However, the best entrepreneurs glean critical information and opportunities from reality’s order.  In Lead from Expanded Consciousness, you’ll learn that consciousness expands the more time you spend in the “altered consciousness” that defines top-talent flow.

Now here’s the exciting thing about expanded consciousness and “manual entrepreneuring.”  Eventually, that expanded perspective is accessible without you being in flow state.  It becomes new functionality that continues to raise your baseline performance for the rest of your life.  You’ll therefore want to keep testing the limits of this growing functionality to continuously improve your reality-partnering.  This will be a new source of the entrepreneur genius you seek, Andrew.

5  Choose products which will meet reality’s maximizing goals    To access the most support from reality-partnering, choose goals or products which are consistent with the goals of the maximizing machinery driving human evolution.  For example, think of products which unite and/or advance the system of humanity.

Think of iPhones, BlackBerries, PCs, Macs, social networks, and internet community websites.  Their success for multiple entrepreneurs validates that reality supports this direction – in biological terms.  Capitalize on this.  Even when you’re not in flow, Andrew, you can still be selecting goals that will be supported by events in reality.

Check development histories for coincidences, breakthroughs, and magical facilitators to discover the themes of products that reality is supporting of late.  Check what products reality supported for your father and competitors in his field.

Note that nature could care less about goals for money, fame, or other popular pursuits of traditional goal-setting.  It only cares about biological maximization because that’s why evolution constructed this internal-external machinery.  The amazing, proactive support from reality’s facilitating people, events, models, coincidences, information fuel for creativity, etc. is only accessible by those who’re taking action towards maximization.


Lauren Holmes
Lauren Holmes
Lauren Holmes is a cutting-edge career maximization strategist specializing in accelerated growth to sustainable self-actualization. Her work is driven by an obsession for pushing the envelope on human potential and accessing the consciousness and capabilities of the future human now. As CEO of an executive search firm specializing in corporate change leaders, Lauren interviewed the best in the C-suites and boardrooms of some of the most successful global companies. Her breakthrough maximization theories resulted from viewing these interviews through the lens of her degree in evolutionary and biological anthropology. Lauren then tested these theories through action-learning experimentation with clients during her two decades as CEO of Frontiering, her career acceleration firm. The Savanting Study series which Lauren is now writing is an extension of studies in her 2019 book, Savanting: Outperforming your Potential. The first six studies arose from her comparative analysis of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Jim Carrey. Savanting reveals the commonalities behind their success which prove Lauren’s unique paradigm for true human potential. Each Savanting Study provides actionable instructions for how to resolve common career and work challenges in a way which simultaneously springboards one to self-actualization and the emotional, material, and meaningful rewards of career maximization.

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