Lead from Full Power: An Unprecedented Empowerment Strategy

–Savanting Study 7:  Sam – Lead from Full Power by Lauren Holmes July 2021


Full-strength leadership from flow-inducing work

The thing about flow state in general and top-talent flow, in particular, is that one must be stretched beyond one’s previous capabilities in order to trigger these exhilarating events.  This is how growth is built into the daily flow strategy I’m proposing, Sam.  Top-talent flow states must be triggered by stretching or challenging your strongest most rewarding talents on the most meaningful work. Therefore, daily flow states will strengthen your strengths.

Accordingly, you can expect an increase in your strongest talents, strengths, and skills and the knowledge, experience, and expertise behind them.  Let me give you an idea of how these maximizing flows will augment your leadership strength over time, Sam, so you can facilitate your development.

1.     Unify for full power

(a) Internal unification

First, maximization would require all one’s innate resources to be recruited synergistically to a singular task.  This recruitment is profoundly visible in a flow brain.  Normally various parts of the brain are firing with great disorder.  However, in flow, only those parts of the brain relevant to the task at hand are active.  With your system’s resources dedicated to your work in flow, peak performance and peak power will result.

(b) External Unification

This same unification process will also happen externally to your life with daily flows.  You’ll stop dissipating your strengths and resources into multiple directions as you focus on using and improving your greatest talents on work that cumulatively becomes more addictively meaningful after weeks and years.

Eventually, Sam, you’ll be accelerating along a single integrated, synergistic, growth path for leader development, career maximization, functionality increase, maximum lifetime achievement, self-actualization, and self-transcendence.

As a result, my bio-maximization strategy will prove to be the fastest route to both peak intrinsic rewards and, should you wish it, Sam, to peak extrinsic rewards.  As a career strategist it is gratifying to have a single integrated strategy which will meet the life goals craved by most.  Like the A-Team’s John “Hannibal” Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

2.     Narrow to your strongest talents

The physical, psychological, and emotional rewards built into the application of your greatest talents in flow states will gradually entice you to narrow to more precisely do the work for which you are biologically predisposed.  Your power and performance will increase accordingly.

This becomes more obvious when you think about a maximized career for a moment, Sam:  What could you achieve if you only did work which used and improved your greatest talents?  How much more could you accomplish if year after year you operated at your maximum? What could you achieve if you avoided all work which relied on your weaknesses?

Everyone has some territory of operation in which they appear much smarter than the average of all other areas of performance.  Everyone has a “smart domain.”  This is the zone from which your greatest power as a leader will emerge, Sam.

3.     Expand your impact

After you’ve narrowed to more precisely use your strongest talents, obviously you can’t grow linearly to a new set of strongest talents.  Your growth direction must therefore be towards the perfecting and strengthening of your strongest talents and then an expansion of their impact on reality.  Visualize your growth path as an expansion by concentric circles around your core strengths.  Each expansion means your leadership impact will increase.

4.     Shift from externally to internally driven

Daily flow states are going to cause a quantum leap that is imperative for the creation and development of any leader.  The requisite quantum leap for the creation of a leader is a shift from externally referenced and created by one’s reality to internally referenced and creating one’s reality.  I would argue that there is no leader and, indeed, no leadership without this shift.

This transformation happens automatically with daily flow states.  However, you’ll want to watch for it to facilitate the transition.  You’ll experience a significant boost to your leadership impact.  This shift is especially important for you, Sam, since you undoubtedly survived your childhood abuse by becoming hypervigilant and externally referenced.

5.     Lead from your growing frontiering expertise and addiction

You must be operating beyond your previous capabilities to enter flow.  Since our target flow state is based on the ideal application of your strongest talents, you are going to be growing the skills, expertise, knowledge, and experience that will improve the use of these talents.

With daily flow states, you’ll shortly find yourself being drawn to scale frontier after frontier in the domain to which these talents are applied.  What could you achieve if you spent your entire life pushing the envelope on the territory of your greatest strength?  This is the ultimate career development and leadership development strategy.

This built-in growth means that you’ll become an expert in two things – (a) your talents and (b) “frontiering.”  Eventually the exhilaration of learning, pioneering, and innovating will become as addictive as top-talent flow itself.  Scaling new frontiers will become the only thing that you’ll want to do.  And, as you mentioned, Sam, you’re already addicted to “leading the charge into new horizons” so you are on your way.

In time, your expertise and addiction for pioneering new unknown territories will spread to other areas of your life.  You’ll become a frontiering expert independent of your field of strength.  Those who can penetrate the unknown or bring the new into existence will always lead.  This inherent transformation is going to help you to achieve the leadership strength you are seeking, Sam.  You are also likely to become a leader in the advance of your field or domain.

6.     Perfect your personal “talent science”

a) Accelerate the growth of your strongest talents

Again, to enter a top-talent flow state you must stretch your strongest most rewarding talents to the next level of expertise.  Therefore, your addiction to flow will draw you to pursue the knowledge, experience, and expertise you’ll need to improve your use of your strongest talents.  Through 20/20 hindsight, you’ll be able see the trajectory of the growth in the expertise of your talents, past, present, and future.

By analyzing historically how you have unconsciously or naturally applied your strongest talents while in top-talent flow, you’ll be able to identify your best practices for applying them consciously.

As soon as you do this, you’ll automatically start to push the envelope on your best practices. What will emerge is a new “Sam science” or “Sam modus operandi.”  As a result, you’ll be able to speed your growth in your ability to apply your strongest talents to leadership.

b) Upgrade your team with your “talent science”

People with a natural talent for a field or skill make the best teachers for how to achieve the same results even though one doesn’t have their same talents.  Once you know how you excel with your most gifted talents, Sam, you can imprint onto your team your Sam science – your Sam procedures, processes, and strategies which make you so good at what you do.  They’ll then be able to make Sam-like decisions in your absence.  You’ll have achieved distributed leadership.  Consequently, your leadership impact and effectiveness will be multiplied.

c) Self-actualize your team

As you implement this daily flow strategy, Sam, you’re going to know the biology-based method for achieving self-actualization and self-actualized leadership.  You’ll therefore be in a position to maximize your team by assigning tasks that will trigger them to operate from top-talent flow.  Imagine the power of a self-actualized team and a self-actualized company.  This is another dimension of full-volume leadership for you, Sam.

d) Recruit based on “actualizability”

Again, knowing this methodology for achieving bio-maximization, Sam, you’re in a position to recruit superior people based on their “actualizability” rather than simply selecting those with relevant experience.  You’ll be able to identify people whose strongest talents applied to the tasks of your project will put them into peak-performance, peak-growth, top-talent flow.

Not only will they perform better on the immediate project but their accelerated growth from these daily flow states will increase their talents and functionality for future projects.  Eventually, you’ll have grown your own self-actualized team with each member doing the work for which they are biologically predisposed.  Again, your leader power will be reinforced.

7.     Naturalize your leader identity and style

Over time, leading from the zone will reveal your natural leadership style when not perverted by corporate pressure or your instruction by the leadership development industry, Sam.  Analyze the pattern of past leadership successes until you can see consciously how you have been leading unconsciously in top-talent flow.  This knowledge will reinforce your natural leadership identity and style.  You’ll discover your personal model for self-actualized or bio-maximized leadership, Sam.

8.     Lead from expanded consciousness

Expanded consciousness is a byproduct of the inevitable deepening over time of the altered consciousness characteristic of flow.  New functionality such as upgraded cognitive skills and executive-level meta-competencies will emerge.  It’s also a source of massive information which will improve both your decision-making and direction-setting.  The result will be exponential growth in your leadership strength and performance.  This is a large topic, Sam.  You’ll want to delve into it in my Savanting Study 8: Lead from Expanded Consciousness – Access the Functionality of Future Leaders NOW.  This is my session with Derrick, a large-scale “manager” seeking to transition to an executive “leader.”

Lauren Holmes
Lauren Holmes is a cutting-edge career maximization strategist specializing in accelerated growth to sustainable self-actualization. Her work is driven by an obsession for pushing the envelope on human potential and accessing the consciousness and capabilities of the future human now. As CEO of an executive search firm specializing in corporate change leaders, Lauren interviewed the best in the C-suites and boardrooms of some of the most successful global companies. Her breakthrough maximization theories resulted from viewing these interviews through the lens of her degree in evolutionary and biological anthropology. Lauren then tested these theories through action-learning experimentation with clients during her two decades as CEO of Frontiering, her career acceleration firm. The Savanting Study series which Lauren is now writing is an extension of studies in her 2019 book, Savanting: Outperforming your Potential. The first six studies arose from her comparative analysis of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Jim Carrey. Savanting reveals the commonalities behind their success which prove Lauren’s unique paradigm for true human potential. Each Savanting Study provides actionable instructions for how to resolve common career and work challenges in a way which simultaneously springboards one to self-actualization and the emotional, material, and meaningful rewards of career maximization.


  1. I love your writing, Lauren. The post overwhelmed me. I want to share two of the thoughts that I appreciate from your grand post.

    Leader power is measured by the degree of change in reality. This is a super definition.

    I want to release you from seeking external validation from subordinates or the succession committee. This diminishes you. Pursuing this validation will therefore interfere with you leading from full strength, Sam.
    This is a treasure. It coincides with a post I am writing on some rare negatives (by rare I meant not much discussed) and including negative leadership.
    What you wrote here is like negative pressures that keep hospital rooms clean so we need to be. This is a negative pressure that has a positive effect. However, if a leader has strength from inside she/he would not be subject to negative influence. She/he has the ability to avoid the negative light of peer pressure as openess with self shall not allow for negative peer influence or management influence to filter in his heart and mind.

    • Wonderful to have your feedback on what was meaningful to you, Ali.
      Good luck with your upcoming post. I agree with the necessity for leaders to insulate themselves from external “power zappers.” It’s so important that our leaders remain internally referenced and creating reality rather than externally referenced and depleted by it – or worse, created by it.
      I was moved recently by the re-elected Prime Minister in Canada during the election just completed. PM Justin Trudeau was under continuous hostile attack from all sides during the election and indeed during his multiple terms.
      He was unaffected throughout until there was scathing attack on his wife. When media attacked him for his hostile response to the heckler, he revealed that he never internalized any of the attacks on himself because he signed up for this and had learned to be immune. His anger was because his wife did not sign up. An uncontrollable switch had been flicked.
      I’ve found that the only time Trudeau snaps from external attacks is to protect victims – his family, Canadians, or victims around the world.
      This is an externally referenced flaw I can respect. As you say, Ali, “a negative pressure that has a positive effect.”









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