Lead from Expanded Consciousness: Access the Functionality of Future Leaders NOW

–Based on Savanting Study 8: Derrick. – Lead from Expanded Consciousness

2.     More information for decision-making

With expanded consciousness, you’ll have a span of vision across the totality of departments, projects, organizations, industries, markets, customers, and systems.  With an upgrade in meta-skills and increased information, leadership decision-making will be more accurate.  You’ll be able to foresee the potential repercussions of your various options.  Opportunities will become more obvious.  Faster, more accurate decision-making means faster and better goal achievement.

3.     More information to be re-combined for creativity

Creativity is simply the re-combining of existing information systems to generate a new information system.  More information from expanded consciousness means more fuel for re-combination.  You can therefore expect more breakthroughs, epiphanies, and creative inspirations as your aperture widens.

A single breakthrough can be career-changing and even world-changing.  You can bypass hundreds of steps to achieve a goal faster.  Or a breakthrough can catapult you to goals bigger than you can conceive or achieve in normal consciousness.  Your leadership strength will increase commensurately, Derrick.

Leadership is a creative act.  The degree to which reality is purposefully advanced is the measure of leadership.  You think you’re missing the creativity gene requisite to leadership, Derrick.  However, let me introduce a workaround for creational impact that relies on other strengths that you already possess.

a)    Pursue logic-based creativity for noncreatives

In Chapter 15 of Savanting entitled Creativity from Noncreatives, I compare the creativity of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs using events from their careers.  Only Jobs is seen as the creative.  Yet both achieved creative results as worldchangers.  I make the case that Jobs was a natural creative while Gates used logic to re-combine existing information systems to generate a new information system – a new creation.

The latter is where I think you can excel, Derrick.  Add your logic to the increased information from expanded consciousness and you’ll become every bit the creative executive leader to which you aspire.

There are studies to reinforce this belief that you can have a creative impact, Derrick.  A 10-year McKinsey and Co. study[8] on flow and productivity found top executives were 500% more productive when in flow.  A study by the Flow Research Collective[9] found that people are 400% to 700% more creative in flow.  Collective executive director and New York Times-bestselling author, Steven Kotler, claims that their study also suggests that flow will train the brain to be more creative.[10]  A study by Harvard’s Teresa M. Amabile[11] shows that the heightened creativity in flow may be sustained for a few days after the flow event.

b)    Exploit your creativity domain

Even those who think they’re not creative may find that there is a territory around their application of their strongest talents to the most meaningful work in which they are more creative.  Do you have such a creativity domain, Derrick?  And can we redesign your job to play to this creativity strength?


Let me think back, Lauren.  Maybe I have been inventive after all – in group problem-solving and improving human systems.  How interesting that my creativity domain is connected to my strongest talents just as your creativity theme predicts.


Absolutely, Derrick.  Excellent.  This confirms that I have designed the right career mission for you to exploit your creativity domain.  It also confirms that I was right to link these two talent areas – group problem-solving to improve human systems.

4.     Direction-setting guidance from the evolutionary flow

The direction-setting capabilities underpinning your leadership will also be significantly enhanced by expanded consciousness.  From an aerial view, your pattern recognition and trend analysis will enable you to identify world trends, market trends, economic trends, industry trends, and so on.

This means you can capitalize on knowing those directions.  Evolutionary trends will serve as a guidance system for your leadership.  With this foresight, you could design products ahead of the evolutionary curve to be ready for inevitable global demand.  I make the case in Savanting that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos did exactly this.

5.     More information for penetrating the unknown

You may have read my previous articles and books identifying that the person who can adeptly penetrate unknown territory will always be the leader.  More information, directional information, the ability to see patterns and trends, etcetera, mitigates many of the challenges of scaling unknown frontiers.  You’ll eventually not only have the expertise for this, Derrick, but you’ll discover a passion for pursuing it.


Induce flow in a large-scale manager job

Now let’s solve your issue with respect to identifying tasks to trigger daily top-talent flow experiences for you, Derrick, given the demands of your large-scale manager job.  I think we can restructure your job to accomplish this goal.

1.     Pursue creational goals

First, since the difference between manager and leader is creational, let’s select creativity goals as a priority for the tasks we want to source to trigger top-talent flow, Derrick.

2.     Pursue a career mission based on your creativity domain

I’ve merged your two strongest talents into one creativity domain for the new mission.  Group problem-solving to improve human systems should put you into transformative flow.   My proposed mission is founded on your creativity domain.

I’ve divided the mission into two tracts designed to improve your performance in your current role while simultaneously launching your most emotionally and financially rewarding career role as a reengineering creative.

a)    Group brainstorming tract 1:  Reengineer your department

The first tract will focus on brainstorming with your people to reengineer every aspect of your department.  You can draw from your people the ideas and information you’ll need to overhaul your department’s systems, processes and procedures.  While in flow state, you’ll build your reengineering “science,” your identity as a reengineering creative, and your track record for success in the domain favored by your talents.  Simply analyze what you’re drawn to do in your natural maximized state in flow.

b)    Group brainstorming tract 2:  Reengineer your company

The second tract will extend the reengineering of your department.  An inevitable progression of reengineering your department’s systems is the necessity to reengineer the systems of all interfacing departments, then the company as a whole, and then the organizations interfacing with company.  The second tract will stretch and strengthen your expanding consciousness capabilities.

In addition to increasing your functionality, Derrick, please notice that my tract 2 strategy is shrewdly political.  As your expertise grows, so too will your visibility, your reengineering reputation, your knowledge of all the company’s systems, and your network of supporters.

This provides you with CEO-level foundations. You’ll become highly promotable to the C-suite, Derrick.  I had one client who gained this corporate knowledge as head of IT – Information Technology – at a bank.  As unlikely as it might seem, he became the CEO of the bank because of that knowledge.

I used a similar reengineering strategy with another client.  As he began reengineering the company systems interfacing with customers, vendors and other connected organizations, his reputation for this work grew beyond his employer.

Before long, a headhunter knocked on his door with a 50% salary increase and a $3-million-dollar signing bonus if he reengineered a new employer for 5 years.  This is a very promising career strategy for you, Derrick.  It all begins by slipping into top-talent flow in group brainstorming sessions with your people.


Wow, Lauren.  This is indeed a captivating strategy.  It’s so perfect for me.  I’m surprised it never occurred to me before.  It’s a way to spend my life self-actualized.  My career, maximized.  Did your reengineering client take the job?


He did indeed, Derrick.  He’d been 100% loyal to his employer for 20 years.  A cluster of events suggested they were not as loyal to him.  Accepting new company-wide reengineering projects became a governing strategy for the rest of his career.  He liked those signing bonuses.  As his reengineering expertise, track record, and reputation grew, he moved from company to company every 3-5 years to totally reengineer each one through doing the work in his creativity domain.

He remained connected to that same headhunter who kept a waiting list populated with potential employers.  My client even created his own team to come with him to speed the rewrite of each employer.  This meant he could get more signing bonuses more quicky.  Needless to say, he’s rich both materially and emotionally.

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Lauren Holmes is a cutting-edge career maximization strategist specializing in accelerated growth to sustainable self-actualization. Her work is driven by an obsession for pushing the envelope on human potential and accessing the consciousness and capabilities of the future human now. As CEO of an executive search firm specializing in corporate change leaders, Lauren interviewed the best in the C-suites and boardrooms of some of the most successful global companies. Her breakthrough maximization theories resulted from viewing these interviews through the lens of her degree in evolutionary and biological anthropology. Lauren then tested these theories through action-learning experimentation with clients during her two decades as CEO of Frontiering, her career acceleration firm. The Savanting Study series which Lauren is now writing is an extension of studies in her 2019 book, Savanting: Outperforming your Potential. The first six studies arose from her comparative analysis of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Jim Carrey. Savanting reveals the commonalities behind their success which prove Lauren’s unique paradigm for true human potential. Each Savanting Study provides actionable instructions for how to resolve common career and work challenges in a way which simultaneously springboards one to self-actualization and the emotional, material, and meaningful rewards of career maximization.