Laughter: The Music of the Soul

Imagine the rush of joy when an unabashed, contagious burst of laughter fills the room. Today, I was blessed to experience this during our pre-conversation before the start of our weekly HumansFirst call with The Friendship Bench, as call facilitator Dennis Pitocco has named our gathering.  Thank you, Myriam Ben Salem for your infectious laugh that, along with others’, inspired this share.

I began to reflect on how this brought not only a smile to my face but also warmed my heart.  I needed this.  Amid all the emotions I have been feeling on a daily basis, largely due to the current quarantine and the reality that has caused it, I was missing laughter.  As the banter continued, I noticed my energy had shifted, as had my attention, from my head to my heart. My heart was awakened.  My soul was awakened.

I noticed it, I felt it, and was uplifted by the invitation the laughter offered to redirect my presence, my attention and my energy towards laughter and joy. It was like being consumed by and taken away by your favorite song.

I am grateful for this experience today. It truly awakened me to the present moment and changed my experience with this wonderful group of like-hearted humans. I remarked during the call, “If all we did was laugh like this today, this would be an amazing call.”  We shared more than laughter and it was indeed an amazing, uplifting call.

What a wonderful reminder of how the simple things in life can connect us, such as laughter, a smile, a kind word, a “how are you?” or a granddaughter standing across the street from her grandfather, leading a dance routine that her grandfather would then emulate as they played together. Social distancing need not be social isolation.  I miss giving and receiving hugs and the direct human connection that is currently on hold. I look forward to when it becomes safe for us to once again hug and connect with one another in-person.

That said, I am grateful that technology allows this virtual human connection that so many of us now likely have a greater appreciation for.  Each day I seem to find something new to appreciate. Perhaps, this reflects the invitation that is there for each of us every day to see the possibility in the pause and to find gratitude amid trying times.

What made you laugh today?  How did (or might) you brighten someone else’s day by making them laugh?  Who might need a good laugh today to whom you might offer the gift of laughter?

Thank you for igniting my soul through the music of laughter. Let’s choose laughter, especially during these challenging times. Let’s choose to be kind to one another and yourself.  When we do, when we choose to put humans first, we uplift one another and create the conditions for creating better with and for one another.

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Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly is a visionary connector, community-builder and human development specialist who helps people and teams unleash their human greatness so they can create better together. Brian believes in each person’s unique human greatness and the power of harnessing this to amplify impact for teams, communities, and organizations. Brian is an ICF Accredited Coach whose three-decade career spans business, technology, finance, and human development. He is co-author of the book Becoming You to be released later this year. Brian’s encouraging energy and relational and strategic approach invite the inclusive business leaders and teams he works with to expand their perspective to strengthen their belief and their ability to create better together. Brian works with clients to understand the conditions that create greater contributions, fulfillment, and success and then works with them, using proven frameworks, to help them create those conditions through the lens of their strengths. The results are greater self-awareness, confidence, connection, teamwork, creativity and innovation producing better human and business results. Brian is the host of the We Can Do Better Conversations series, which invite inclusive conversations on topics relevant to bringing greater humanity to our workplaces, communities, families, and relationships. Brian serves on the Executive Board for Overcoming Odds where he helped the Executive Director with board development, strategic business planning and expanding the reach and impact of the nonprofit’s mission. Brian has also served on the Washington DC metro area chapter Board for several culturally-based National nonprofits focused on professional and leadership development.

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  1. Brian, this was a great read. This phrase alone would have been worth the price of admission: “to redirect my presence”. BANG!

    When I read that, I thought, “Of course. That’s exactly what’s missing and so badly needed.” Once we’re able to re-direct our presence from the ostensible norm, eveyrthing else is about acceptance and adaptation.

    Thank you for waking me up. 😉

    • Thank you, Mark! Good to meet you on the latest Friendship Bench gathering and glad this resonated with you.

    • Thank you, Catherine! We are always in choice and this offers such a powerful opportunity to create our lives and experiences!

  2. Brian, what a joy to be with you and the others at The Friendship Bench yesterday. I can close my eyes and feel the joy of all those smiles and laughter. Amazing to sit with a group of people you’ve never met and instantly feel a connection, a sense of happiness. Thank you for this post. My intention for the day is to create so many opportunities to smile and laugh!

    • Thank you, Vicki! Such a pleasure to be with you in our Friendship Bench group conversation on Thursday! Love your intention for the day!

  3. Brian – Welcome to the BC360 family. May you find encouragement for your fellow authors and from the respectful engagement. Most importantly, may you find new friends who uplift you at the most important times in your life.

  4. Welcome Brian! I love this piece. I get a lot of value from listening to your perspective and It’s so wonderful to “hear” your writing voice. I really appreciate your mindful awareness and certainly love the focus of your writing in this piece. Laughter is a wonderful and such a connecting gift to share. It has been my intention every day for the past few weeks to create art or write something that perhaps will help people release some happy endorphins and you helped me release some this morning as I smile and type this comment. Thank you Brian.

    • You are definitely the queen in my life of happy endorphin generating! Thank you for being and sharing YOU, Shelley!