Know Whether A Mobile App Is Viable For Your Company

The use of mobile internet traffic has dramatically outpaced any other form of internet traffic around the globe. This is a known fact. People and organizations are all taking advantage of the power that mobile. For those businesses that have yet to develop an application for their customers, now is the time to decide whether or not it is a viable solution or not.

According to a new report released for the year 2017, We Are Social and HootSuite has revealed that half the world is now connected to the internet. That means 3.2 billion people are going to the internet every day to do business, connect with loved ones, and do many other activities. This has produced a gargantuan market for savvy startups to tap into.

The question for you to ask yourself is, “How do I know that developing a consumer based mobile application is right for my business?” This article will cover some things you should think of when considering whether or not a mobile app is for you or not.

Do My Customers Really Want or Need an App

There are some articles out there that claim that if your audience is within the Baby Boomer generation, then a mobile application is a waste of time. I wanted to correct this notion in this article because it’s just not true. Compared to the 59 percent of Millennials, Baby Boomers make up 75 percent of smartphone users in the US.

As for the other generations using smartphones, it is pretty clear that mobile applications play a big part in most consumers daily activities. According to Smart Insights report done this year, mobile digital media usage is at 51 percent compared to the 42 percent desktop use.

53 Percent of Global Shoppers Prefer Mobile Apps

According to Business Insider, 53 percent of consumers globally prefer to use mobile applications for shopping rather than their computers. And this trend is growing. In 2015, Business Insider reported that US mobile phone users spent around $55 billion through their mobile phones. By the year 2020, that number is estimated to go up to $285 billion, which would be a total of 45 percent of US e-commerce business.

Sometimes the problem isn’t about consumers not needing or wanting an application, it’s more about they don’t know it exists, as Business Insider put it. If you are considering building an app for your brand, you have to be sure to market it well – get the word out so that people use it.

Will a Mobile Application Actually Work in Your Market

Once you have figured out what your target audience is, now it is time to figure out what kind of market you’re making a mobile application for. Ask yourself: Does making an application actually create a niche or is it just to show off that you have an app? You need to be sure that you need the app and that it will benefit or add something to the market that it doesn’t have yet. There are a lot of brands out there that have made applications just because they thought it was cool or that since everyone else is doing it, they should too. Not everything can be put into an application.

Make Sure Your Mobile Application Works Well

For those who are interested in either being more than a passive observer in your application development, when consulting the potential developer teams for your future app, make sure they’re using the latest technologies for creating your app. React Native App Development is very popular for example, but there are others too – just make sure your future app will be compatible and work well on all devices and operating systems.

This is the biggest problem with many apps these days. Laptops running Windows 10 especially run into this problem, since Microsoft is offering the same applications you find on Google App Store. Some of these applications were not developed to work well on Windows 10 tablet mode, as an example.

Will You Make a Return off of Your Investment

After you have looked at every angle and figured out what you need to do and what the market is looking for, it is time to decide by which means you will create the application and how much it will cost you.

Investing your money in developing an application isn’t cheap for small or medium sized businesses. This means it is vital for your company to create an ROI worksheet for your company to keep track of your return over investment. It’s kind of hard to know exactly where you’re at with it until you make some sort of record that shows where you can improve.


Phil Piletic
Phil Piletic
PHILIP Piletic's primary focus is a fusion of technology, small business and marketing. He's a freelancer, writer and traveler who loves to share his experience with others by contributing to several blogs and helping others achieve success.

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