Know The Ethics Behind The Various Styles Of SEO

Just like a good life depends on how you plan it, and how ethical you are about it. Similarly, marketing and search engine optimization also depends on how well you plan it, and how serious and ethical you are about it. Quick money can come in life with a lottery, gambling, luck, and crime. And in the case of websites, quick traffic and rank can come with unethical practices, black hat SEO tactics, and automation and robot-generated marketing attempts. And all of these are harmful to the site health and reputation always.

Hence, it’s best to plan things before it gets out of hand. In the case of search engine optimization, things get out of hand when Google penalizes a website by removing it off the SERP (search engine results page). In that case, all the work is done on the website and off the website for link building, and promotions go void because Google denies showing the site against the targeted keywords it was linked to. And this is the penalty which any high-quality website too may suffer if things are not done ethically. We’ve created free plagiarism checker With the assistance of this useful instrument, you can search for any stolen data and avoid it in your document easily.

Differentiating between ethical and unethical SEO

The question which comes next is what is ethical and unethical, and how the layman will understand. That’s because it’s not just important for the SEO professionals to know the ethical and unethical ways. If they are doing it wrong or right must be understood and evaluated from time to time by the website owner too. You don’t pay for the website SEO to a team and forget things. You have to ask how things are going, how the website is performing, improving rank and traffic, and ask to see reports from time to time. That is when you must have some idea of what is the good SEO style, and prevents any work on the site to bring fast attention that may later harm the website’s SERP.

SEO styles based on ethics

SEO can be practiced in three styles based on ethics. They are White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and Black Hat SEO. Although experts like San Francisco Kotton Grammer who knows to play with content, link building, and marketing styles can bring on any style, yet one would always prefer to stick to organic ways mainly.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the only style of SEO which is most preferred for the long run for consistent link building and high-quality results. However, it’s slow and is established on the principles of natural or organic methods. Organic SEO is the White Hat SEO, which wants promotions to look natural and not too much pushy. Over promotional ways and style are abolished in this method. The method deals with only high-quality link and content building by adhering to all the norms and updates released by Google from time to time.

SEO strategist keeps on updating their White Hat based styles and tactics to bring better results for the website they are working. The main advantage of this style is that the website will never get penalized or lose reputation when on this path. The problem is that it takes much time and effort and patience to see the positive results. However, when you wait and work for a considerable time, the results also is much sweet and consistent.

Black Hat SEO

The path that is to be avoided the most, and yet sadly practiced a lot, and often is the sole reason for websites getting penalized, losing rank and reputation, is Black Hat SEO. Applying black hat on a website is purely a game of gamble. It may bring huge losses or good returns. Often good returns are brought for a short period following which the site may get heavily penalized and lose rank. If SEO is the target of a website, then it should never be promoted through Black Hat SEO. That’s because, this style involves using unfair means, shortcuts, and shrewd techniques to cut through the crowd and reach faster.

Contents are scraped, and made from other original contents, links are built too fast without looking at the place where it’s built, and software etc are used for too much of link building within a short time, and links are placed in a content with hidden codes etc in such unethical and unnatural manner which all results in a total bad practice. This often initially boosts the site traffic and brings it some rank. But then once it’s discovered by the search engine, the site may never again be found on the SERP.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is neither too unethical nor completely ethical. It’s a combination of the White Hat and Black Hat ways to make for a balanced path, where the website can get a faster movement in rank, and gets better traffic in a short time. The practice of Grey Hat ways is done to shorten the waiting time to see the success for the site, without letting the site unguarded to receive penalties. Grey hat is a style that camouflages the Black Hat ways with mixing many White Hat ways. It’s not a very good choice though compared to white hat, and yet is being practiced when you are in some serious hurry to rank the site fast for some reason. When you have no time, and the demand to rank high is very high, then you can go for this. You may tell your SEO expert to try Grey hat tactics on your website for the initial few months till the site’s position gets a little stable and better.


The choice of choosing the style of SEO gets influenced by a few factors. One factor is the patience level, and another is the requirement to make the site popular in a time frame. If it’s an e-commerce site, which will be doing business just for one season, and then you don’t care if the site exists or not, then you may not care for the style applied for the promotions. And if you are designing a site to stay on the web for years to come and expand your business or work gradually with this, then you cannot afford a single mistake.


Sujain Thomas
Sujain Thomas
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