"Our mission over the past decade-plus has been to rediscover humanity at its best, by figuring out what the world is trying to be – and then help the world be that, be better, and be even more. The world depends on every single one of us showing up, being present, and as best we can, individually and collectively creating positive ripples of change –one person, one voice, one step at a time. We invite your organization to join our journey. "

Dennis Pitocco

Chief Reimaginator, 360° Nation


What if you could change lives every day just by doing what you do "for good". With more than a decade of perseverance and momentum, this simple idea has now become a global movement. Success for humanity will be linked to whether we were able to be more empathetic, more effective communicators and more willing collaborators. How we choose to operate and cooperate. It’s time for a renaissance of pure, unbridled wonder. It’s time to renew in both our hearts and in our souls more joy, more kindness, more compassion, more understanding. And that magical sense of truly belonging to something greater than the status quo. ….


Audiences leave his presentation inspired, energized, and ready to take on the next challenge. Dennis delivers an unforgettable and transformative experience that will take your meeting to the next level. Drawn from decades as a business leader and entrepreneur, his message is the perfect blend of practical, real-world guidance and inspirational, big thinking. His objective is simple: bring humanity back to the forefront for the good of your people and consequently, your clients. Discover how extraordinary thinking produces extraordinary results.


By design, it was unlike any other gathering you've ever experienced. Because like everything we do, it was "reimagined" from beginning to end. Starting with the fact that it was created "for good" versus for profit. It wasn't a virtual event. It wasn't a conference. It wasn't a seminar, a workshop, a meeting, or a symposium. And no, it wasn't a hybrid with streaming virtual participants, because it was intentionally up close & personal by design. And now we're taking the inspiration and the ethos behind this once in a lifetime encounter on the road and around the world "for good".

Excellent experience, very gratifying, and highly professional. Dennis is very conscientious, thorough, and attentive to the needs of an audience. My experience with Dennis was more than satisfactory, and I’d recommend him as a speaker again and again.

Byron Edgington

Passionate about empowering each of us to create small ripples "for good,” Dennis is much more than a keynote speaker. He is a thought-provoker, a conversation-starter, and a change-maker. Dennis leaves people thinking, talking, and doing things differently long after the meeting ends. His skillful manner of combining “blue sky thinking” with real-world strategies engages people - inviting them to contribute to something bigger than themselves and belong to something better than they ever imagined – is a powerful catalyst for extraordinary results in any organization.

Melissa Hughes, Ph.D.

Dennis is an extraordinary person! He brings out the best in people with his gentle and steady presence that invites others to be themselves. He is a deep listener and deep thinker. He has a clear vision about strengthening connection between and among people in a way that joins them in shared humanity, and he is very effective in facilitating this. In this regard, he is rare in having outstanding skills of thinking and doing. Dennis is a man of character and integrity. Honored to work with him.

Victor Acquista, MD

Dennis is a delight to work with. He embodies so many values that are near and dear to my heart. He is transparent, courageous, compassionate, kind, and respectful. In everything he does you see the intention of creating unity, equality, fairness, diversity, and meaningful connections. He is one of a kind. A very special human being. And because of who he is, he attracts like-minded, brilliant people to himself. I deem myself beyond fortunate to be in his world. The world needs more of him.

Ipek Williamson

Dennis is once in a lifetime service provider who is honest, who knows his area of topics, very resourceful and very productive. He was able to create a whole new community that thrives through LinkedIn. It must be one of a kind.

Ozlem Brooke Erol

Dennis is a consummate professional with a huge heart- a wonderful combination. His intention is to do good. And his attention to detail ensures it's done right. His service work with Bizcatalyst 360°, Goodworks 360°, and other projects combined with his recent live event Encounter 360° are so well done, he's leaving ripple effects that will expand humanity for years to come!


Working with Dennis has been extraordinarily rewarding. He is an exemplary leader, mentor & inspiration. The project was a huge success and left people wanting more. This was a first time for ENCOUNTER 360°, an unconventional convention with opportunity to truly connect. We all walked away with valuable information and applicable action to use post event. We highly recommended Dennis for his dedication to create and run memorable events.

Eileen & Trevor Bild

Connection at a whole new level! Dennis takes the meaning of human connection beyond what you could ever expect from an event birthed in online format. Every detail is covered, communicated, and followed up on before you have a chance to wonder if it is even a consideration. The atmosphere fostered at Encounter 360° is one of collaboration, self-exploration, and community. Every participant brought a special light to the event, elevating the group to a new level. Highly recommend!

Andy Vargo

The encounter 360° event in Tampa, FL, was an awesome human experiment that was scientific and yet systematic, or perhaps methodical is the better word. Dennis put a lot of thought into the lineup of speakers, which allowed this experiment to build up to the last day of speakers! The experiment of a non-conventional conference allowed for unconventional experiences!

Phil Williams

As a participant in Encounter 360° I had the privilege of benefiting from Dennis Pitocco’s expertise and attention to detail that went above and beyond the customary event. The venue, food service, and shuttle were top notch. Dennis kept us up-to-date every step of the way. I highly recommend Dennis Pitocco.

Mariah Edgington

Tired of the same old corporate-speak and death by PowerPoint messaging? Are you ready to bring humanity back to your workplace?



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