Keeping Up to Date with Your Data Saving Requirements

How We Rely on the Internet

Securing your data and ensuring you have multiple backups is probably not something you really consider in your day-to-day life, whether it is for personal or business use. In 2021 we certainly rely heavily on the internet and virtual cloud storage to save our social media images, precious photo memories from special occasions, documents, and work projects that we work tirelessly on and like to ensure is saved securely.

Perhaps we even take for granted how easily it is now to store data that we just assume that the internet is an infinite resource where every image or document is securely stored away.

How Technology has Increased our Daily Use of the Internet

89.4% of Americans were reported to have used the internet in 2019 with an average of 3,138,420 GB of internet traffic being used every minute, which is a significant amount of usage. It has become even easier to utilize the internet on our phones, so we are not just using it at home or in the office but on the go when we travel and commute during the day too. So, the efficacy we expect to get with regards to internet usage and storing necessary data is constantly increasing as we depend on this technology more and more. In effect, we are expecting to save even more of our data as we use our phones to store endless social media images and access work documents when our computers are not easily accessible.

Why Your External Hard Drive Has a Shelf Life Too

Generally, you might just upload what you want from your laptop, transfer data over to an external hard drive, unplug, pop it away in a desk drawer and not think twice about its expiration date and whether you should have a backup for your backup. You may be organized and save your data onto an external hard drive but that does not mean the data will last forever. These too can end up malfunctioning.

This is because even though hard drives are essentially a form of digital storage, the parts that make up the hard drive itself are prone to breaking down and the connection points are prone to become corrupted and ineffective. The average lifespan of an external hard drive is only around 3-5 years, so it’s most likely a lot less than you would expect. So ideally it’s best to have several of them with your data saved on each one.

Ensuring You Always Have Backups

As a result, it is worth ensuring that you possess the necessary fast and accurate media duplication services for companies, whereby all your data needs are met. This would be particularly beneficial when you own your own business as it would be one less stress to worry about whether any necessary data will go missing or if your customers’ detail suddenly gets lost in the ether. It would also ensure that data that is not meant to, ends up in the wrong hands, which is the last worry you want when you own a business.

All necessary computer media files could be backed up essentially, so USB Flash Drives, USB HDD, MMC cards, SD Cards, CF Cards, Compact Discs (so CD & DVD) and even the old-fashioned floppy discs! If you have the necessary cables and extensions to add to your current laptop, there is always a way to back up data, even from old sources like floppy discs. Also there is always likely to be someone on eBay for example who would sell that extra cable extension that you require that is no longer in circulation, even in 2021.

Keep Up to Date with Saving Files from Your Computer

Many of us are probably guilty of doing this at some point, but it is a good habit to perhaps set yourself the task of backing up all the files and images that you have added to your laptop throughout the course of the week, to ensure you are up to date with saving it all. If your computer were to suddenly break down, it will be particularly stressful if you have not had the opportunity to save all your data because you thought you would get round to it one day. It will also be a long arduous task to leave it all for one day when you can save things in stages.

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