Keep Your Friends Close – And Your Enemies Closer


I am familiar with the above quote from “The Godfather,” as are many people. It has resonance and relevance to Leadership in business as well as our personal lives. I had become accustomed to meeting friends and former colleagues at Funerals. This was not respectful to the memories of those people I had laughed and cried with over the years. I determined to do something about that.

Last weekend I spent quality time with the Irish branch of the family. Over 100 of us were in Cork, enjoying the craic. So many stories and significant memories of people that help to define me as a person. Sadly, many are no longer with us in body but imbue all of us with their unquenchable spirit, example, and Values.

Business, as it should, took a back seat to what’s truly important: our time and whom we choose to spend it with. No laptop or business traffic on my smartphone interrupted my mood.

Business is only truly a success if it creates a lifestyle we always promised ourselves.


It was my responsibility as a Senior Leader, to create the environment and culture for those I had responsibility for, as well as those we came into contact with. Leadership is knowing your team as PEOPLE. That is, what makes them tick, who they are, and where they want to be. Similarly, to paraphrase Michael CORLEONE, I kept my ‘enemies ‘( defined as those whose values and behaviours conflicted with mine to the detriment of all who had the misfortune to meet them) closer. I needed to understand their toxic ways so that if they would not change, they were disciplined, sidelined, ameliorated or, in extreme cases, offboarded.

Management is doing things Right.

Leadership is doing the Right Things.

The most precious aspect of Leadership is to develop people to their maximum and create a culture of mutual respect. I was known to be a person who loved a cup of tea when the chips were down!

This video really resonates with me, I hope you like it!

In short, the most precious gift any of us have is our time.

Spend it wisely.

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Tony Munday
TONY developed his expertise during his Police career of 34 years. Whilst a Senior Leader, for 15 years, he recognised the challenges and pressures faced by Leaders, including those which were of his own making. Tony was a ‘maverick ‘as a Leader. He became accredited in, and practiced, coaching as a Leadership Style, and Situational Leadership (adopt a style relevant and appropriate to the context). This was unusual amongst colleagues and peers, who maintained a firm adherence to a ‘command and control’ style, on most occasions. Tony recognised that it was impossible for him to effectively lead and micromanage. In order to develop appropriate trust and motivation amongst those he had responsibility for, he ensured that he knew the person behind the role. This enabled Tony to effectively performance manage, with fairness. Where appropriate, Tony practiced a ‘service’ style of Leadership. He saw his role, as providing the strategic direction, the environment, setting the values and developing the people, so they took responsibility for delivery of their own and other’s performance. The subsequent trust gained, enabled Tony to save significant time compared to peers who micromanaged. Tony used this time on strategic planning and development of people, enabling them to maximise their potential, including out of his teams or departments. This was unique amongst his peers. Many peers behaved as if the first responsibility of their team was to make ‘them’ look good. This stifled development of their teams. Tony’s teams and departments consistently outperformed their contemporaries.
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