Keep Moving Forward Through These Difficult Times

–…my thoughts on the Coronavirus and what comes next

Because of the Coronavirus, I think I should stop writing, at least for a while until the world gets back to normal. It seems like the logical thing to do.

So many others are sharing their stories or suggestions on how they’re coping with the isolation and fear of the unknown that it seemed petty for me to still write about customer service tactics when most businesses aren’t even open – and some may never reopen because they couldn’t withstand the revenue losses during the imposed shutdowns.

I realize the world doesn’t need more stories from me when they’re more focused on the virus. So, what should I do? What should we do?

Politicians bicker about what’s the best course of action and how much financial support to give each American. Has-been musicians pontificate while sitting in their rose petal-strewn bathtubs. The tone-deaf “influencers” still post bikini photos and 20-somethings frolic on the Florida beaches. Everyone handles situations differently.

Thankfully we have the wonderful scientists and medical personnel to support the first stage of recovery – identifying potential remedies and treating our neighbors with the best care possible. They will succeed – but it will take time.

Sure, when this is over our priorities may change. The losses suffered by some will still hurt, and the slow, lumbering climb back to normalcy will, at some point, begin. Will we ever care about customer service the same way again? After all, is it really that important after what we’re going through now?

Well…yes, it is.

If there’s one thing our rebuilt society will need is compassion. The compassion we can only give to one another by the way we serve our fellow man. True service comes from caring for another’s wellbeing and putting their needs above our own. We realize this now more than ever.

I’ve spent too much time teaching and training others to be positive and to spread their positivity to all they meet. Great service lifts others up and lightens the load of those in despair.

We have an obligation to continue with a “mindset of service”, with all the attention-to-detail, compassion, and empathy we can muster.

Some must carry the load. Will it be you? Will it be me?

I will do my part, I promise.

This will be the first, and last, piece I write about the Coronavirus. I believe my actions can be better spent by focusing on what to do to make others happy and feel appreciated. Great service – provided by dedicated employees, caring management, and leaders who keep looking toward a brighter future, will take us there.

Screw this – I will not wallow in fear forever. No, not me. I’ll fight, fight to be ready when we get back to normal – whatever normal will be when this is over with.

I’ve decided to keep writing. Sure, maybe it won’t be as frequent as before, but I will still write. And share it with you.

When we’re allowed to window shop and walk the streets of our town again, someone will need to be there to greet the returning customer. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me. And maybe we’ll need to be reminded of how to provide great service and the many ways we can show our customers how much they’re appreciated.

We’ll again need to reach down and greet the young daughter of our once-best customer. We’ll once again need to help the elderly to their car with their bags or hold an umbrella over their head when it rains. We’ll once again need to find that little comment that sparks a connection with those who enter our door and give support to our business – our family.

Great service will be needed then more than ever.

I’ve decided to keep writing – I know, I’ve already said that. And I hope you keep reading.

Please use my blog posts and “Tips on Thursday” as a supplement to what you’re already doing. I know you have great ideas and I hope my writing has given you even more.

If you feel you need a refresher course, here are links to my complete blog post archive. Click here for articles on Customer Service, Management, Leadership, or Personal Development. Read up, get ready, and prepare. This fight isn’t over, not by a longshot. But we will win, I know it – and so do you.

In challenging times, we fall back on what we do best. Some are planners while some fight the fight. Some lay the foundation for others while some assist from afar. Some manage the chaos while some show the way – each day.

Which one will you be?

Hug your loved ones. Call a neighbor or an old school friend. Be sensible in what we do and remember those less fortunate than us or the ones who have been lost to this crisis. It will get better, it must – it will. It will just take time.

I’m looking forward to feeling the sun on my face again.

I also looking forward to the time when we can walk among the crowds of vacation sightseers or hectic shoppers looking for the next great sale. The lines waiting to check into a hotel won’t seem as long anymore, and the talker at the movie blocker-buster won’t bother us quite as much (well, for a little time, at least).

Who will take care of these customers? It’s YOU and ME.

We’ll be ready. And we’ll be ready because we know what to do and how to do it.

I’ve decided to keep writing and I hope you’ll keep reading.

And we’ll be better – one day at a time.

To you, my friend, I wish you peace.


Steve DiGioia
Steve DiGioia
With 20+ years in the hospitality industry and a lifetime of customer service experience, Steve DiGioia shares real-world tips and tactics to improve your customer service, increase employee morale, and provide the experience your customers desire. As a certified trainer, author & speaker, Steve has been recognized as a 4-time “World’s Top 30 Customer Service Professional” by Global and a “Top Customer Service Influencer” by multiple industry-leading sources. He is also a featured contributor to the leading hospitality and customer service websites. With a tagline of “Finding Ways to WOW Your Customer”, Steve continues his pursuit of excellence on his award-winning blog sharing his best strategies on customer service, management, and leadership. Follow Steve on Twitter @Steve DiGioia.

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  1. Thank you, Steve, for writing and sharing your article. The coronavirus is being written about day after day. It gets very depressing. For that reason, I have all but stopped reading about it or what politicians are saying. As a writer, if you feel like writing an article about the virus you should do so. Your feelings/opinions have just as much value as anybody else’s. Take and stay well.

    • Hi Joel, thank you for your comment. I’m not one to get “drepressed” by reading negative things – I just get bored. I’d rather read to learn about things that interest me and which can be used later as needed. Be safe and thanks again.

    • Steve, thank you for your response to my comment. Feeling bored with the redundancy of the news is a natural outgrowth. If you are not feeling or getting depressed by all of this I say GOOD FOR YOU! Please keep writing about anything you feel like writing about. Take care!

    • You are welcome, Kate. We all (most) will be better, especially when we don’t cower in fear waiting for the “better” to arrive. Stay well and safe.