Keep An Open Mind


“An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it.”


Open mind allows you to exchange ideas rather than reject them outright. Let’s put it this way: you have a Dollar and I have a Dollar and we both exchange our Dollars with each other, we’ll still have only a Dollar each whereas you have an idea and I have another idea and we both exchange our ideas. Now, we are both richer with one additional idea resulting in two ideas each.

An open mind can be compared, in layman’s terms, to an open vessel that is utilized to store many a different things at a given time or to carry the same from one place to another.

However, the vessel, irrespective of its size, has certain limitations where an open mind, never mind (pun intended) its size, has limitless capacity. Having said that, the mind IS NOT a vessel, rather it’s a processing unit that has the power to actually analyze what comes in it before taking the decision whether to store it for later use or discard it.

What is the common basic factor behind all coaches’ insistence on their audiences having an open mind?

How does an open mind relate to the day-to-day life-style of an ordinary human being, in terms of achieving his or her dreams in real life?

The answer lies in our perception. An open mind is always receptive to new opportunities but it does not keep jumping endlessly.

The function of an open mind is to analyze a given opportunity with regard to your preparedness to take on new responsibilities and weigh it against your strongest traits in order to bring it to fruition. I must also reiterate that your personal commitment to outshine yourself is one of the strongest commitments that you need in order to achieve outstanding results.

Personally speaking, I don’t have the mind that minds at all!!!

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  • An open mind is a strainer that percolates only the most feasible and appropriate ideas into your thought process so that you may take smaller steps towards a bigger goal.
  • An open mind is the ladder that will help you stay on course and guide you in your quest to a better tomorrow.
  • An open mind is the single most important source that can keep you motivated in this quest, from those who have been there before.
  • An open mind will be your guide and teacher because it will stop you from resigning yourself to your current situation just because everybody else in your circle has also resigned himself to it.
  • An open mind gives you the power to break all barriers and think wild; it allows your imagination to run wild and think of immense possibilities that you could never think of before.[/message][su_spacer]

If it were not for an open mind we would not be able to see and experience so many wonderful developments in this world!

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Bharat Mathur
Bharat Mathur
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  1. To do the things I do I can’t rely on my own mind. True, I can process and construct intricate strategies and plans on my own; but the success of those things depend on the stakeholders and teams from conception to execution. There needs to be that ownership in the idea. There needs to be motivation and believe behind that idea; and all that comes from group analysis, group planning, and group decision making. That and making sure all of it stays on track.

    • Thanks for bringing up this point Chris! Even in group settings, it is one person’s idea that prevails and makes others bring in their best strengths to execute the same. So long as you keep an open mind and generate ideas with far reaching benefits, the group will be forced to look up to you for guidance. You cannot leave your responsibility to contribute with a positive mindset hoping for others to act on your behalf. Successful leadership entails rising from behind the lines and taking control even if you are the underdog.

      One revolutionary idea is all it takes to catapult your fortunes and the lack of it could bring you down like the Crystal Ball on the New Year’s eve at Times Square.