Just What Were You Thinking When You Said, Didn’t Say, Did, Didn’t Do, Or Didn’t Want To Do

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonTO TELL ME WHAT exactly did you mean when you said………? Whatever prompted you to say that? Is that you talking or is it……? Is there something I said to prompt this reaction? Just how long have you felt this way? Here I thought I knew you better than everybody else.

Just what were you thinking when you could not be bothered to stand up to salute our country’s flag while the National Anthem was being sung? Why did you elect to show such disrespect to this great country which gives you the liberties you now enjoy.

Why did you buy house that carriers a mortgage that is literally choking your family? Do you enjoy having to decide each month to either buy food or pay the mortgage all because you wanted to show off what a big house you have. Why didn’t you talk to somebody who could have shown you what you were getting into?

You said “ I Do” when you got married but all along you knew the two of you were not right for each other and this marriage even with a marriage counselor was ticketed for divorce. You know what you are like and surely you saw what she was really like so why did you do this? Now comes the divorce along with all the bitterness in addition to the fight to finish where only the lawyers win. What would have happened if there were kids involved who were now dragged into the war between you and your hopefully soon to be ex-spouse.

So you sold yourself on a hiring manager that you are THE right person for the job who has all the experience his company needs. Why did you do that knowing this job could ruin your career when you are found out to have lied. What you didn’t do is be honest with yourself about your capabilities as opposed to being intoxicated by the money.

Just what were you thinking when you blurted out vicious anti-religious messages? Does the term religious values mean nothing to you or are you so blinded by your personal vendetta against religion that your eyes, mouth and ears were shuttered close. Or that’s how it seems. Tell me please just what were you thinking?

You didn’t want to do anything to better yourself or be bothered to try to make a positive impact on the life (lives) of another person or people. Where is your head? Is your head stuck so far up a certain bodily cavity that you have become numb to yourself, others and the world around you. There is so much good we all need to do but obviously you want no part of it or do not want to know anything.

You openly and defiantly blurted out that you believe some people should have no rights while others have the opposite! What do you think your narrow minded opinions will do to make the differences only you seem to want? I suspect the answer to this question is that your egotistical viewpoints will alienate you even further from mainstream society. Or is that what you really want to live on you own little island where only you exist therefore you make all the rules for which you live and suffer by.

The common denominator that runs through all of the scenarios posed in each paragraph is that there was no thinking behind anything. There was no cognitive thinking or reasoning for what was said, not said, done, not done, won’t get done and so on. Perfection lives on in none of us! So does that mean we just accept things as they are no matter who gets hurt as long as it is not you or yours. Putting together thought processes will serve you and all of us well.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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