Just Being

Home, take me home
Where thoughts and fears are dying
Home, take me home
Where hopes and dreams are flying

In addition to the article “Meet Donnie”, about composer Tony Anderson and a soul on a mission knocking on his door, readers responded and inspired me to write a follow-up. Do we all have a Donnie inside of us? How can we connect to it? Can we all be the mirror to each other like he is? Can we like him, “just be?”

Drinking my morning coffee, enjoying the early sun reflecting so beautifully on the white blanket that covered the lonely streets I contemplated the responses the article got. This is what I found;

Yes! I feel we can all be mirrors to each other, but perhaps only when it comes natural, like Donnie. Not by doing, but by being. We all have him inside of us, if only we connect more to the source being that we are. The one that “just is”. Isn’t that the most beautiful mirror we can be?

I think indeed we can practice being Donnie. By acknowledging “what is” and go back to the now. For instance when our mind wanders off to the past, or we compare. Just acknowledge there is the experience of the mind going back to the past. Then be here for the inner child that may indeed felt hurt during a past event, acknowledge the pain (s)he felt, see him/her and take it back to this present moment with you. When we do that more and more, it becomes a habit to be here.

One reader asked: Can we trust each other?” as the Donnie’s amongst us seem to pure of heart and without agenda. But can we trust each other?

The immediate question that popped into my mind was; “Do we trust ourselves?”

When I connect more and more to my natural state of being I can look at the people who did something in the past with understanding and love and sometimes feel gratitude even, because as a soul I, therefore, learned so much.

When I am more connected to my natural state of being, it doesn’t matter whether I can trust someone else or not, I trust me! When someone is not good for me (or themselves) for instance, it says nothing about me! And as I am here FOR ME, I have the choice to walk away and choose people who match my frequency, or if it’s a person close to me, I may be able to help him connect to his true self as well. No matter what they do, I trust me.
What I am; source being! Just like the other person. And that feels immediately better!

An amazing exercise to know whether you are connected to your natural state of being, I discovered is to follow the feeling we have. When we wander off to the thought “Can I trust someone?” or when the mind travels back to certain events in the past, how do I feel compared to how I feel when I am in the present moment? Why is that? I wondered. That when I am here, feeling the warmth on my skin because of the fireplace, hearing a bird sing in the tree near the house, or listening to the upmost silence in the house, that I feel immediate peace and bliss? The answer I received, is because THAT is my original state of being.

Does it mean I never mistrust someone? Never doubt anything or that my mind never wanders off to something painful that happened a while back? Of course, that happens! But oftentimes I catch myself doing it and I can take myself back here. And so yes, we can practice that!

Reader: “Can we be truly happy for each other’s successes or do we, like Tony, mentions in the video, always compare?

I feel yes we can be truly happy for each other’s successes and yes we may still always compare. When we stay present and notice we do, we can go back to our natural state of being. The one, that just is.

Reader: “Can We Be Donnie Too?”

At the core, I feel we are the same. We are all part of the oneness, and everything that is from the oneness, therefore, is inside of us as well. The outer circumstances in the 3D world may look different. I have always wondered whether they might be advanced souls at the end of the incarnation cycle. Everything is being taking care of; they get a house, money, food, clothes and don’t have to work or go to school to BE somebody and therefore have a lot of time “to just be”. In that lies maybe the biggest mirror for us.

Of course, as you could see in the video Donnie has human emotions as well and he does go back to the past, thinking about his mom for instance. But the accent is more on the now on “just being”, compared to a lot of us who spend much more time digging in the past and becoming someone (trust me, I should win an Oscar for that 😀).

I guess the main thing I learned from Donnie and Tony’s story is to go back to the joy. In everything. In my music career it’s not about the career it’s about the joy in making music. In relationships; when it’s not that fun at the moment, I look at the moments that are fun, things I am very grateful and happy about, give them attention and before my eyes I see it become more and more. When it’s cold outside I enjoy the evening sun by going to the attic window and enjoy sitting in the while it’s still there.

Thank you for sharing your contemplations readers!

I hope you all have a Donnie ful day! ✨

Love, Eyra

Home, take me home
Where thoughts and fears are dying
Home, take me home
Where hopes and dreams are flying

Song: Take Me Home by Eyra Moon


Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon has a tremendous fascination and deeply felt connection to our universe. Her journey in discovering the law of the Universe, the words we use, the believes we embedded as our own that create our reality, reflect back in her work through Great Talks, Music, Videos, Film, Articles, and connecting with Your True Self. In all these forms, she invites you to go on a journey with her. To go within and feel. To reconnect with what we truly are; the Universe experiencing itself through You. Being Truth and Love and bringing that into every situation and encounter with other beings. The more we connect to our source self and leave from this space, the more we can start creating a world from the freedom, love, abundance, and serenity that we are.

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  1. I love this. A year ago I would comment differently but after retiring I learned to just be and to embrace the quiet. Success in my life now is meaningless, yet I can be happy for others. I am just happy Walking down a dirt road with my dog in tow.

    • Thank you Larry! I still remember the first time I read your post about being present next to a river. I felt the peace and quiet in it! What is success? I think when a person is retired and he is happy with nothing but being, he is pretty successful to me 😉 We (and especially men) for eons have been conditioned to believe they need to have meaning. But our larger part that is us (the infinite being) is without us seeing, very very meaningful, if not more so! When you are happy with just a dirt road and your dog, your radiance is bliss. That energy carries throughout all corners of the world. You are open to receive ancient messages of wisdom. That you can share with the rest of the world on platforms like these. And who knows what more we are doing on the other side?! Thank you for being! 🙏😃

  2. Thank you for putting your thoughts into a post, Eyra.

    When I grew up, the first line in Matthew 5 in common use was not a beatification or “the poor in spirit” but in Danish it was the “poor in intellect” – the Donnies – because the Kingdom is already theirs. This matches the saying in Mark, 10,15 that if we can’t receive the Kingdom in a child like manner, we won’t get near it.

    Does this means that it is a purely Christian notion? No, the “poor in intellect” have been esteemed in many cultures as touched by God. Back when people asked why this child cam into being this way and assumed there was a designed reason we were just not smart enough to figure out, our relationship with those poor in intellect was different than when we ask about their “use in productive and transactional terms”.
    Or – we locked them up or put them out to the wolves.

    Perhaps, like Tony in the Donnie story, we should put a higher value on those transactions that make us better at living by showing us joy and awe up close.

    • Thank you Charlotte! Let’s start with us. We can share this video and story on our socials to raise more awareness and it will be so. I first learned through a friend who worked with them for many years who told me; |I have a feeling that when I turn my back, they act “normal” and wonder; am I here for them, or are they here for me?” it was the first time I looked in a different way to “Donnies” 🙃