Just Amazing 50 Times!

Amazed and amazing!

I’m getting closer and closer to the publication of my memoir, Angels & Earthworms. I’ve been busy doing line-by-line editing of my print proof, which is the first physical copy of my book.

Most mistakes I’ve found have been small: missing commas, semi-colons, and the like, occasionally an awkward turn of phrase, but as I went through, I realized I had used the words amazing and just over and over.

In fact, when I did a search inside the manuscript, I had to laugh. I had used the word amazing over fifty times! On one page, amazing turned up three times! Now, if you have to use an adjective over and over, amazing is at least a very positive one to be fixated on, but even so, it can get monotonous. So, using the impressive online thesaurus, WordHippo, I started trading out amazing, depending on the context, for:

awesome, extraordinary, magnificent, wonderful, astounding, inspiring, remarkable, striking, thought-provoking, mind-blowing, stunning, terrific, brilliant, splendid, sensational, marvelous, phenomenal, eye-opening, surprising, terrific, splendid, enthralling, riveting, vibrant, tremendous, bountiful, profound, mind-boggling, dazzling…

It has felt really healing to hang out with so many uplifting adjectives, especially with all the bad news these days that can completely pull us into darkness and despair.

I had also used the word just over 109 times, which took quite a bit of ingenuity to fix, since it can have many different meanings.

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Lorraine Segal
Lorraine Segalhttps://conflictremedy.com/
After surviving the 50's and 60's, as well as twenty years in toxic academia as a tenured professor, Lorraine Segal was inspired to start her own business, Conflict Remedy, happily teaching, coaching, blogging, and consulting around workplace conflict transformation. She's been writing a well-received blog about conflict, communication, and forgiveness for 10 years, which you can find at ConflictRemedy.com and is a contributing author to the anthology, Stand Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying. She is addicted to reading novels and enjoys walking and hiking in beautiful Northern California, where she lives with her wife. Her latest project, a memoir called: Angels and Earthworms, an unexpected journey to love, joy, and miracles, is about her transformation from miserable self-doubt to self-acceptance, true love, spiritual awareness, and right livelihood. Her cartoon muse, Bookie, insisted that she write this book about her life. Visit https://BooklingPress.com for memoir tidbits and updates or to contact Lorraine.