Join Yourself with Nature

“Join yourself with nature” was the morning prompt from The ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery. Now, it was time to listen for my question; a question specific for this step in my awakening. Sitting quietly in my meditation room, I heard, “How can you join together what was never separated?” What follows is my journal entry for that day:

Auh, yes ~ ‘Advaita’ – “not two”

Only in our minds do we separate

in order to define

in order to discover our uniqueness

in order to experience “I am” and then “I AM”

in order to experience this journey of life, this journey of Being, forgetting & remembering, to BE consciously, then transition into the collective unconscious to begin the cycle again on this continuum of change, through our lineage of BEING-ness ~ ancestors to ME to children to grandchildren… carrying the seeds of beliefs, perceptions, experiences, dreams, memories, fears, loves, joys, lessons, insights, wisdom, life, from one generation to the next ~ a blueprint, a subconscious blueprint from which to grow, learn, remember, choose and create one’s life – my life.

A forgotten blueprint, once remembered, can be changed and transformed – old patterns into new; fear-filled drama into dreams fulfilled; baby steps into leaps of faith.

Seeds planted centuries ago grow into oak trees. That is the natural cycle of Nature. We all live in this natural cycle of continual change and growth – this evolution or devolution from generation to generation – as it is a choice, a conscious or subconscious choice to change, to continue old patterns, or create new ones.

I am here now, a Soul in manifested form as a unique expression of the Love, Oneness, Source from which I came to BE, representing my lineage in this moment in time and space. I am the one with the opportunity to transform old patterns into new; to break the chains of fear and uncertainty and manifest the dreams I share and carry from my ancestors.

I am the one in physical form who is growing roots in the soil of my Soul, reaching deep and stretching high – “As Above, So Below”.

I am Nature personified in physical body, as rivers of ancient waters flow within, constantly renewing itself with cellular seeds of life.

The fires of my mind ignite with conscious awareness, creating new pathways and dreams to follow as memories emerge from deep within.

I breathe the air of my ancestors, and all those who came before me, deep into my lungs, and exhale my unique contribution to the whole. With every breath, I share mySELF, for we are “not two.” We are Nature and Nature is Us.

There is no need to join with Nature – only remember.


Amy Camie
Amy Camie
Amy Camie, recognized as “The Healing Harpist,” is a Certified Clinical Musician, speaker, author, 2-time breast cancer thriver, and co-initiator of the ORIGIN Methodology of Self-Discovery. She loves empowering others with unique perspectives on how music, resonance, and honest self-exploration create bridges of compassion within ourselves and empathy with others. As a pioneer in the field of harp therapy, Amy has co-authored two clinical trials and several pilot studies demonstrating the effects of her music on brain waves, immune system function, and anxiety levels. Certified in Intercultural Creativity®, Amy recognizes the potential opportunity for learning in every experience. She encourages audiences to open their mind, expand perceptions, observe beyond the current happenings, and discover deeper connections within themselves, creating more clarity, peace, and harmony within and around them. Amy's original music is used in hospitals, cancer centers, and hospices as well as for general relaxation and stress reduction. Her inspired music relaxes the body, calms the mind, and gently soothes the soul. As one woman said, "You touch others in such a deep place with your music because it comes from such a deep place inside of you."  Learn more about Amy:

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