Jackson’s food guide: What to eat and where?

Located in the middle of Memphis and Nashville, Jackson is a town that perfectly blends the music and culture of both the cities. Home to the famous musician Carl Perkins, Jackson boasts a rich musical culture and historical past. While visiting the city don’t forget to check the Casey Jones village, a tourist attraction famous for jam sessions conducted by the Jackson Plectral society.

Tourist attractions are one thing, but when you truly want to know a city, you should try out its cuisine. Hence, we have listed some of the best places in the city that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving for more:

Brook’s Shaw old country store

Dedicated to preserving the Southern tradition and history, this famous old restaurant serves some of the best food in town. This historical restaurant is built on Casey Jones’ home and the Railway Museum. Casey Jones is a heroic figure who lost his life to save 900 people.

The restaurant serves three buffets: breakfast, lunch, and dinner for as low as $9.99. These buffets have some very traditional dishes such as fried catfish, which is quite famous in Jackson.

This restaurant is a must visit. Not only will you get an amazing dining experience, but you can get a sneak peek at the Southern tradition by visiting the farm and the museum.

Reggie’s BBQ & wings

If you are in the mood to eat some barbequed meat stuffed potatoes and BBQ nachos, then Reggie’s is the right choice for you. Their menu is full of traditional Southern dishes such as the catfish, wings and brisket. Owned by a family that uses secret traditional recipes, this restaurant serves you the best BBQ with a Southern touch. Along with the American and the BBQ cuisine, you will find special gluten free diet on the menu.

The restaurant was established in 1984 and for the past 33 years, it has been serving some great BBQ in the town. The man behind this amazing eatery dreams of nothing but serving the people of the town with great reverence.

Old Town Spaghetti Store

The fact is this place boasts some of the best food in town and we even have proof. Old town Spaghetti store has earned the ‘Best Italian Food’ in Tennessee Jackson award for 9 years in a row by The Jackson Sun Readers’ Choice Awards. It has also been recognized for the best service for the past two years in a row.

The restaurant was launched in 1982 by Robert Baudo. It was originally located in Casey Jones village. The eatery soon got traction and moved to a better and bigger place at 550 Carriage House Drive.

Initially, the restaurant only served spaghetti in different sauces. Today, their menu is quite diverse. From Monday to Friday, the restaurant also celebrates Happy Hour; from 5 to 8 pm you get all drinks at half price.

Brooksie’s Barn

Brooksie’s barn is another among the oldest restaurants in town. It has been feeding the folks of Jackson since 1982 with scrumptious buffet. The best part about this restaurant is its location. This cozy, homey restaurant is located on a lake with a pleasant view, which makes it perfect for romantic getaways.

In the dinner time buffet, you will find some fresh catfish fillet along with its famous Jackson style barbecue ribs.


If you are not in the mood for Southern cuisine, you should probably head out to Tulum. This Mexican restaurant is a refreshing change. The restaurant serves fresh food filled with a mix of flavors from Cancun and San Diego. What sets this restaurant apart from others is that everything is completely fresh, literally fresh. All five of its salsas and tortas are made daily from scratch. This place doesn’t even use microwaves and they claim their freezers also remain empty since the ice cream is made from scratch too. Looks like they are very serious about their commitment to provide fresh food.

Tulum is the perfect combination of good food at a great price.

Why you should visit Jackson?

Food is not the only thing that is good about Jackson. The city doesn’t have the Disneyland to make it stand out like Orlando, but it sure is full of some rich history and great tourist attractions. Apart from the Casey Jones village, you can check out the international Rock-A-Billy hall of fame, the Legends of Tennessee Music Museum at the Carnegie, the Ballpark and the Cypress Grove Nature park.

The city has some great hotels, a good transportation system and on top of it all Spectrum Jackson TN provides free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the city so you can save up your buck on roaming charges.

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