It’s Not All About You But It’s About What You Do And Say

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonNO I DID NOT watch the Super Bowl. As a matter of fact I don’t watch any TV programs number one because by choice I don’t own a TV and number 2 there is little including the news or news shows that are worth watching. On You Tube I do watch some classic 1970’s sit-coms which would be as timely today (more so) as they were back then.

Yes, the team I was rooting for did win which mad me happy. Had they lost I would not have been inconsolable. Nor would I have threatened beforehand that if my team did not win I would move to a different country or planet as some celebrities are threatening to do if Donald Trump wins the Presidency of the United States. Certainly (just to give you a glimpse into my political leanings) I would be horrified if either Clinton or Sanders were to be elected but if that Titanic like catastrophe were to happen I will still live in Brooklyn, USA.

The game aside (which from what I heard was incredibly boring) the halftime show and postgame press conference created quite a stir. Beyonce’ had her moment in the sun with her racist laden anti-cop pro radical group Black Panther “musical statement.” Reaction to her performance was understandably quite negative to the point where some people have suggested when it was realized what she was doing the performance should have been blacked out. As devoid of any real entertainment (Beyonce’ along with her enclave in skimpy costumes to reveal as much flesh as possible while gyrating in every possible direction was a demonstration of disregard to families who were there in person or watching on TV) we still have the First Amendment to protect even garbage like this. Never mind the slap in the face she gave to Police Officers who have been injured or killed in the line of duty protecting the communities they serve.

What struck a nerve with me is that she had the unmitigated gall to ask for a police escort into the stadium (presumably out as well) and to be led onto the field to begin her attack on those she called upon to protect her. If the police as she portrayed them to be nothing more than legally armed killers of innocent black people then how is it you entrusted your personal security to police since on the surface according to her wrapped thinking puts her in grave danger. Hypocrisy at its finest! Had deep down she really believed in her mind police are killers why not hire your own security force to be your escorts. At least that way taxpayer money is not wasted on a no-talent “entertainer.”

The post-game interview debacle with Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton added its own display of boorish behavior whereupon the nature of the reporters’ questions or a comment that was relayed to him cause to in the finest tradition of childlike tantrums stomped his way out of the conference. His every mannerism (the hood of his team sweatshirt intentionally obscuring as much as his face as possible) showed cold calculated contempt to those who were simply trying to do their jobs.

To be fair the emotion of what happened on that day in light of all that he and his teammates accomplished all year long must have devastated him. Did it ever occur to him that losing and playing poorly in a big game could actually become a reality and that he would be expected to handle himself in a more professional manner than he displayed. Or was Cam Newton so thoroughly convinced that all he had to do was show up with his “game” shadowing him making losing improbable at best? Was his mindset that in the biggest game of the year performing poorly was not in the realm of possibility? Very sad exhibition by a talented young athlete who like many needs to grow up. The spotlights will shine brightly on you when you win and scorch you when you lose. Accept that as being a part of what comes with your trade.

2016-United-States-Presidential-Election-ScheduleThe Presidential Primaries are in full swing as are the televised debates amongst the candidates. Running for the office of the President where if elected will make you the leader of the greatest country on this planet. Candidates from both parties aside from the usual barrage of attacks they launch on each other this year have taken on a new wrinkle which is dirty tricks such as Ted Cruz spreading the word fellow presidential hopeful Ben Carson had dropped out of the race which was a surprising revelation to him since Cruz’s tasteless tactic backfired badly as did when he urged Iowans not to vote for Carson since that would be wasting their vote. Since when is casting a vote for a candidate you believe in (even if few others share your opinion)a wasted vote? Even sorrier than his pathetic attempts to win votes is that Ted Cruz’s father is a Preacher and his wife has performed Missionary work meaning he should know better. Two truly anti-religious acts by two want to make you believe they are Church people. Throw in a controversial supporter by the name of Mike Bickel who is the founder and director of The International House of Prayer in Kansas City who espouses such beliefs as G-d sent Hitler to hunt the Jews, same-sex marriage as the end of the times while blaming Jews for the Holocaust. Nice going Ted! Watch your votes now finding themselves in the column of another candidate.

Former Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration Madeline Albright unabashedly declared that there is a special place in he—for women who don’t vote for Hill the shrill is classic gender baiting. In accordance with this savagely twisted logic you can only vote for a candidate who matches your gender, race, nationality religion, etc. What else would you expect from the dynamic duo of sleaze and corruption in Bill & Hill?

To all whom I have mentioned and the numerous others I could have and should have mentioned it’s not all about you but rather it IS about what you do, what you say, what your cronies say and do on your behalf and so on. Former Presidents Regan & Bush knew the meaning of class and carried themselves in that manner. Many others do the same. It’s shame we have Beyonce’, Cam Newton, Ted Cruz, Mike Bickel, Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton to show how low they can go to prove their pointless points that nobody needs to hear anyway. Thank you Lady Gaga (who would have thought this would happen) for creating class by given our country’s anthem the respect it deserves while honoring our service men and women for their sacrifices.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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