COUNTLESS-JOYS-by-Devaney-Rae-Masthead What special tokens, mementos, or other significant items do you hold dear in thoughts and feelings because they represent something very endearing in your life?

Is your token representative of a dear person, a long-fought-for accomplishment, or a memory no words could ever fully describe? It’s very telling of your emotional, intellectual, and moral qualities.

Where do you store your special memento for safe-keeping?

Is it tucked away in a locked container, in an air-tight space, or in a meaningful vessel that carries equal value to the special memento? It’s very telling of your emotional, intellectual, and moral qualities.

Even more, how do you store your special item?

Is your special item wrapped in precious materials to ward off tarnishing or disintegration? Or, is it folded in a specific, meaningful way that represents the sacredness of its very existence? It’s very telling of your emotional, intellectual, and moral qualities.

Interestingly, the very reason special tokens, mementos, and other significant items are singled out is almost always related to something much grander than the physical item.

Indeed, the significance placed upon these symbols is about the reverence and respect you have for what the token, memento, or item represents – not necessarily for the physical thing, itself!

And so it is with the precious flag of a nation!

More than Fabric and Fibers

Yes, indeed, the precious flag of a nation is representative of so much more than the physical fabric and fibers comprising the tangible thing you behold with your eyes or handle with your hands!

Image Credit: Nolan Ruby

The Flag of a Nation flies high and rests honorably as a reminder of:

  • Battles fought, won or lost, by precious flesh and blood. There are precious lives of men and women represented in that fabric and in those fibers! These soldiers serve you through sacrificing their comforts, their loved ones, their limbs, and sometimes their lives fighting for the national privileges you enjoy today. As a citizen, there is a built-in expectation that you would respect and honor those who have served you in this manner.

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Devaney Rae
DEVANEY is an Instructional Designer who designs, develops, and delivers professional training programs. She provides Organizational & Performance Management consulting services through her business, Performance Strategies & Solutions. She partners with organizations, leaders, and individuals who want to be more effective in organizational and performance management. She has enjoyed a successful career in healthcare administration, chemical manufacturing, retail sales and marketing, and non-profit business sectors. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Walden University and her Master's degree in Instructional Design Technology for Professional Trainers from New York Institute of Technology. She earned a degree in Dental Hygiene with licensure in Texas and Louisiana.Devaney is the Founder and President of a non-profit organization, Countless Joys, Inc. Her efforts within this faith-based 501 (c) 3 organization are aimed at touching the lives of other with joy. The specific work is focused on interrupting human trafficking of children and teenagers. You can connect with Devaney’s life work and professional efforts through Countless Joys, Inc. ( is a published author of the book, Countless Joys: The Place Beyond Tears (Westbow Press). Her inspirational story is about how ordinary people are called to do the extraordinary things in life. Whether she's collaborating with executive level leaders, managers, staff members, or volunteers, her goal is to ignite joy, hope, and the belief that people can achieve, excel, and conquer – while having the best interests of others at heart. Devaney Rae makes her home in Mobile, Alabama with her husband, Greg Jones.

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Bharat Mathur

My heart goes a out to express gratitude to you Ms Rae, for putting together such a thoughtful tribute to the Country, its Value System, the Sacrifices made by the hundreds of thousands of selfless souls that gave their life’s biggest sacrifice so we could bask in the glory of this Great Nation!

I Salute You!
I Salute Each and Every Individual that Contributed to Our Freedom!
Most of All I Salute the ‘Star and Stripes’, the National Flag that embodies all that we hold dear!

You are absolutely right (and of course too polite) to tell the uncooperative and the unappreciative to pack their bags and leave rather tha show any disrespect to our Flag that represents each and every citizen of this Great Country that is the ‘Land of Opportunities’ for One and All.

Thank You!!!

Lynn Forrester

Devaney, you express the feelings of many, I have no doubt, who look to this symbol of Freedom through great sacrifice and death. I am saddened that our children growing up today, ( many) who have no history behind this great memento, while I am sure a significant number do. My 13 year old grandson could teach volumes on this, because he understands and loves the history behind Ole Glory. Thank you and may God Bless.

Ken Vincent

Here, here, Devaney. I’m all in favor of freedom of speech, but like all freedoms that comes with responsibilities. Yes we enjoy many freedoms in this country, but those freedoms were bought, and continue to be paid for, by people that gave their all. How can anyone disavow those sacrifices and desecrate our national symbols such as the flag or the national anthem?

I agree with you, if a person has such little regard for the nation that nurtures them then they should go elsewhere.

The same philosophy goes for disrespecting the company that puts food on your table. That company doesn’t have to buy your services, there are plenty of others that will willing work for/with them.


Thank you, Ken, for the additional supportive comments. Agree! So appreciated.

Jane Anderson

Devaney you have written so eloquently with deep reverence for the precious symbol of our country. The word symbol seems so inadequate to describe our flag that represents life as Americans. I can’t get past a flag without choking up a little. When I hear the National Anthem I still stand with my hand over my heart. I know the cost is high to be free. I never take it for granted.


Thank you, Jane, for these precious comments. I agree on all. As always, I appreciate your comments. :)

Larry Tyler

Your article gave me chills, so deeply touching. Thank you