It’s For the Birds

Wow! Who could have seen this coming?

A subsidiary of one of the largest U.S. providers of renewable energy pleaded guilty to criminal charges and was ordered to pay over $8 million in fines and restitution after at least 150 eagles were killed at its wind farms in eight states … ESI Energy was also sentenced to five years [sic] probation after being charged with three counts of violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

I didn’t know migratory birds had ever signed a treaty with Uncle Sam or vice versa. I didn’t even know migratory birds could read and write. But I did know the skies would be unsafe for flying birds once the wind turbine and solar farm folks got their way.

The answer to the rhetorical question with which this post starts is us. We could have seen this coming. But we weren’t inclined to look, to pay attention, to think critically, or to question anything. Question anything like what? Like this:

The Obama administration [issued 30-year permits for “taking” (killing) bald and golden eagles. The great birds will be legally slaughtered “unintentionally” by lethal wind turbines installed in their breeding territories, and in “dispersion areas” where their young congregate (e.g. Altamont Pass). By chance (if you believe in coincidences), a timely government study claims wind farms will kill “only” 1.4 million birds yearly by 2030. This new report is just one of many, financed with taxpayers’ money, aimed at convincing the public that additional mortality caused by wind plants is sustainable. – It is not.

As my maternal grandmother loved to say, “How do you like them apples, Shirley?”

This is Your Wake-Up Call

We don’t have the vaguest idea how much wool is being pulled over our eyes every day. But we should. We have duly elected, would-be representatives whom we pay handsomely to advocate for our interests. In all likelihood, they’re ecstatic over the fact that we don’t seem to have any interests. But we should. And we’d better.

If you don’t want to write to Congress, write to the Audubon Society, support its efforts to save birds and people, support its lawsuits to prevent windfarms that are lethal to birds and bats. Those same efforts also support common sense and everyone’s favorite virtue signal, sustainability.

Destroying life on the planet to save the planet doesn’t seem to make a great deal of sense. But that’s exactly what our pals in Washington are doing with our money.

How about now? Can we be angry now?

Mark O'Brien
Mark O'Brienhttps://obriencg.com/
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