What we should learn: Don’t put too much weight on kindness.


Let me explain please.

We too often try to be kind to everyone, or we too overwhelmingly give value to as many people as possible, only for the benefit our own well-being. Too much charity and supportiveness serves to blind us – as we then tend to overlook the fact that only honesty and respectful politeness leads to genuine trust and good relationships.

  • Why are we kind to everyone?
  • Does permanent kindness lead to a better life?
  • Does it make us to better human beings?

Certainly not.

We want to hide our own problems behind an avalanche of kindness. Normally this is not a problem. However; other people may have only a false impression of us and see us in a false light. People then tend to expect too much or abuse our kindness.

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Permanent kindness is not the right or recommended attitude. It’s better to spend time with the right people, challenge your own thinking, learn and develop your own identity further and become a wiser person.

“Politeness is more important than kindness. The joy lies in creating an honest atmosphere, not in maintaining steadfast kindness”

–Karin Sebelin

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Karin Sebelin
ENTREPRENEUR, Author, Editor, Journalist, Columnist, Coach for Writers & Entrepreneurs, Trust Expert, Brand Manager Karin has been a successful entrepreneur since 2011 – she sees trust as the foundation for happiness. She began her career as CEO of Presse-Service Karin Sebelin, and had huge success on the English platform Ecademy with blogging, engagement and collaboration. She coaches writers and entrepreneurs, and shows them how to become successful through TRUST and the right branding. Karin’s mission is teaching our world a new thinking. Her book “Trust … the only kind of influence that really matters” dispels the myth of trustworthiness. She currently writes her next book about ethical entrepreneurship. Her websites: | | |

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