They were from Massachusetts. This was the start of their fourth month on the road – thousands of miles away from their home.

Mary was stood watching John who was lying on his back under the car.

I remarked that if I actually knew anything about how to fix engines, I would offer to help diagnose the problem. But I didn’t, so it was pointless. Was there anything else I could do to help?

Mary smiled, “no thank-you,” she said and went on to remark that they had just spent $500 giving the truck a service because they felt it needed it. Not because anything was wrong. They got the truck back yesterday. This was the first problem of the trip.

“I am sure it is just a coincidence,” said Mary.

I know I would not be so magnanimous.

“It’s ok”, she said, “we have Triple A. They will come and fix it. And while we are waiting, who could want a more beautiful place to wait.”

I looked around. No argument.

The smiles on their faces. The positivity. The gentleness, The patience.

They were just fine.

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.

Tom Stoppard

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JOHN'S career spans 30 years, 2 continents, and organizations as diverse as Oracle, Citibank and GE. A Mathematics graduate, John moved to California in 1990. He helps technology companies create, develop and deliver their story for fund raising, market development and influencer programs. He also works with businesses to ensure they understand, and are ready, for the ever accelerating changes that technology is bringing to their industry. John is a co-founder of Expert Alumni and gleXnet and long before futurists and industry watchers were writing about the impending challenges that industries were going to be facing, they predicted a perfect storm of issues like skills gap, declining work forces, the gig economy, people trained to do work no longer needed, demographic shifts, economic and social change, market upheaval and rapidly changing ways of doing work. From the beginning they have promoted the idea that massive change was coming to how organizations should think about their workforce, with a singular focus on simplifying the interface between people and their work. Understanding the challenges ahead of the curve, the solution was built to arrive at a better understanding of the greatest restraint to business operations - competence, not capital. gleXnet provides unparalleled insights into an organizations people and operations by flipping the problem from the perspective of people, not the business.
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