It Is Easier to be Angry Than Sad

It is easier to be angry than to be sad
I am so angry that we let 14+ children die today
This is on us all

No civilized country on earth will let this happen
over and over and over again

We need to be on the streets, every one of us who has a heart
Not sure what we are waiting for to see our power
as those who know every mother’s heart aches the same

There could be NO excuse not to stop losing lives
Do not tell me I should not do “politics” here
This has nothing to do with politics but humanity for all
This is about very precious lives at stake every single day 
Every time we hear it, our heart skips a beat
It could be one of our loved ones
Until it is

This is humans caring about other humans
We cannot wait for others to fix

We already see every single day some lives matter more than others
Do not tell me otherwise
I come from a country where my life did not matter as much as yours
With a dream that my son’s life matters more
When a Ukrainian, Mexican, or Syrian wants to come here, it is to give a better life
For the next generation
Every parent’s dream is a better life for their children

And yet we let the next generations die today with no sense at all
It is on us
Cause we have a choice 

As we look for examples of what others do in all circumstances,
why don’t we look at countries that have lived this before
It took them only 2 or 3 before they made the better choice

I want to live in a world where humans always matter more
Money, power, and egos do not go before

It is easier to be mad than sad
If I let myself feel the deep sorrow
I am afraid I may not want to get up tomorrow 

Do you know what is worst?
There is nothing that stops from having the same news on the days that follow
Until we ALL make the decision to get up and say a final NO!

Everything else I do has no meaning on this day
When I know there are so many hearts that stopped -children’s and parents’ – all today. 💔


Brooke O. Erol
Brooke O. Erol
Brooke O. Erol started her career at IBM following the traditional path she was given to be "successful". She quit her "great job" on paper after 11 years, feeling she is not aligned with it. She started her journey to find her purpose in life. She started her first business in 2003; Your Best Life to help professionals who don’t like their jobs and want to find more meaning at work. After being around so many unhappy people at work as her clients, she decided to help the organizations and leaders who employed them. She started her second business; Purposeful Business to help leaders catch up with our times and grow their businesses without sacrificing the well-being of their people; where profit becomes a by-product rather than the main goal. She believes life is too precious to live only for weekends and retirement. She is the author of Create a Life You Love. She is also the co-author of "From Hierarchy to High Performance: Unleashing the Hidden Superpowers of Ordinary People to Realize Extraordinary Results" that became an International Best Seller in 2018. She speaks and writes about Leadership, Purpose-Driven Life and Organizations, Future of Work in the US, and abroad.

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  1. So very true and sad. Senseless life’s taken first what. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m all for standing up to make a difference. But where do we start and what can we do? I have no children of my own but my heart bleeds. I don’t know what is happening to the human race. You points are all valid. Great article.

    • Hi Eva, I keep posting some actions we can take on social media (not LI) we can all reach out to our senators as a start if you google it it will find you your senator and their email. There are amazing organizations givingt the fight for years now Moms against gun violence, Sandy Hook Promise, Everytown. We can donate and volunteer for them. And not forgetit and normalize it. Thank you so much for caring and commenting.