Used correctly, a business website can be one of the strongest marketing tools for a company. You can make sure that customers and clients get some info about your business that makes them interested in buying. Or at the very least, keen to find out more about your company and that’s great. At the same time, though, you do need to watch out for the issues that could cause your site to bleed customers.

A Tiny Detail

There could be something on your site stopping customers from buying that looks completely insignificant to you. This might be an image that they are not thrilled with, a specific color on a buy button or anything else you might think of. To find out, you can run an A-B test. Doing this, you can setup two versions of your site with that little detail changed. Half the customers see one version of the site, and the rest see the other. Then, you’ll be able to find out if it really is affecting sales.

Problems With Editing

If you have any sentences with a tipo or perhaps a repeated word word, it can make your site look incredibly unprofessional. As you can see from the previous sentence that is intentionally riddled with mistakes, it doesn’t create the right first impression. That’s why if you want to be a hit with customers you need to make sure you are avoiding these silly errors. You can find out more about the importance of this in the following infographic.

Infographic Design Scribendi

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