How you experience the web should be your choice. That’s why being informed about how tracking works and learning how to protect your privacy are both important things to know. While it’s true that trackers can’t be eliminated completely – mainly because top websites like Google and Amazon have their own proprietary tracking systems – taking these actions can at least help keep them at bay.
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Chris Pehura

VPN anyone? Using VPN will give you an “alternate identity” when on-line; an identity that can be shared by many different people. That really mucks up these trackers. Some websites wouldn’t allow you access if you have VPN, so it’s a big give-away that they’re up to something.

What my concern is that people use or hack these trackers can take your activity on line and use that to start monitoring you and your activities in real life. Not just law enforcement, but also people that will break into your home, and others that will do that traditional identity theft.

This sort of stuff has been on my mind. Every day for the last week, my wife has been asking me “what is the risk if I do this… ?”