Is War Really Necessary?

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonWar – is it really necessary? With war brings blood and gore galore. With war you have fathers not returning home alive to their families while others returning not the same as they left since the stress and strain have left them physically perhaps mentally as well with the possibility of permanent psychosis or post-war related syndromes that lead to suicide.

We have fought the Revolutionary War (to free us from British Rule), The Civil War, World War I, World War II, The War In Vietnam, The Gulf Wars (Iraqi War) in addition to others I unintentionally left out. In each case we sent our brave soldiers into harm’s way for a cause we thought was noble and just. Our pre-war scouting revealed the weaknesses the enemy had that we felt we could exploit on the road to victory. In each case our men fought and our men died.

Not to mention the millions upon millions in taxpayer dollars that were spent depending on your opinion wisely or foolishly. I personally am skeptical about the theory that the United States economy is stronger during war time than peace time. Ward does not nor never has produced permanent jobs.

war-soldiers-warrior-paratroopers-explosion-gunsDefending our nation’s freedom while joining with our allies to form a coalition to fight a common foe that is a threat to world peace is must. We were duped into believing this treaty with Iran we signed would ensure peace while promoting good will. Now we stand at the cusp of going to battle with an enemy once again that we armed using money from the American taxpayer.

Is war really necessary? Depending on where you lean politically your answer will in all likelihood be no, war is NOT necessary. If your political persuasion has a liberal bent to it war is not necessary or yes war IS necessary if your political philosophy is more of a right-wing/hawkish pro-America philosophy. Many liberals did vote to go to war against Saddam Hussein who was thought to be stockpiling nuclear/biological weapons to use against neighboring countries. When the public opinion started to turn so did the liberals start to turn away from the war effort with their usual whimpering and whining.

To go to war against Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda after the massive suicide bombing of the World Trade Center along with the planned attack on the Pentagon yield the nearly unanimous affirmative vote to go to war. Our way of life back then as it is now was and is being threatened by those who seek to destroy us simply because freedom represents everything they scorn. Too many innocent lives were lost that day and in subsequent years due to breathing in the contaminated air from the attack. Once again when the time came to fly our colors high the liberals balked. This was a war we had to fight with a resolve to keep fighting until Bin Laden was brought to the US for murder charges or killed along with his family while wiping out Al-Qaeda. Sadly this did not happen as planned.

The war in Vietnam still begs for the answer why did we have to go over there and fight leading to so much bloodshed while too many young men’s lives that had hardly begun were now over in one respect or another. The anti-war movement of that era helped stopped a war that perhaps should never have engaged our soldiers on the ground in this foreign land. If you were for the war you were a war monger. If you were against the war you had the long haired communist lover tag applied to you. To this very day those who remember Vietnam don’t remember what we fought for or what we accomplished.

History as alluded to above reveals many wars that we fought in one capacity or another or for one reason or another. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor the only option we had was to fight. There was no debate. The same holds true for World War II which was a war that involved 30 countries that resulted in 50-85 million civilian and military deaths. This was the longest and bloodiest conflict we were ever involved in. Having not lived in that era (my Grandfather escaped Poland just before the Nazi’s started looting Jewish businesses while rounding up Jewish prisoners who would ultimately be transported to Auschwitz) I have no knowledge or reference as to the American political climate dynamics were played out.

War is always a hot button political issue even during times of peace due to the wrangling and haggling that goes on between left and right as to appropriations for defense along with new weaponry. The left would leave little for defense preferring instead to throw that money into wasteful tax draining/economy killing social programs. The right will always on the side of being prepared for war while fighting to keep peace.

What of our allies as to what they think of our decisions to go to war when we feel the need should the need arise. Are we seen as defenders of democracy or a thinly disguised supremacist nation that wants nothing more to shove our values down the throats of the world which is exactly what the violent extremists are doing right now? The United States has never committed murder or assorted acts of terror against those who don’t believe as we do. In instances such as above going to war to wipe out these terror loving militants is not only the right thing to do it is the only thing to do.

Is war really necessary? To be fair to the other side (liberals) I would say perhaps in instances like Vietnam we got involved in a conflict that had no real significant bearing on the world at large but in the grand scheme of things war is all too often necessary. My son who was barely shaving signed up to fight for his country and was prepared to go overseas to fight if necessary in the war against those who would threaten our freedom.

Future wars will involve nuclear weapons that could destroy the planet or significant sections of it. More gruesome images of death will flash across the TV screen or on the pages of internet. Will these wars really be necessary? Sadly it is so. War is really necessary………most times. When war is not necessary we will know it or hopefully know it and show appropriate restraint. When necessary we must fight and fight with everything we have military along with the right of our convictions.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. Thank you Joel for this article. I sometimes wonder how long this world will continue with the amount of evil that is spreading in different ways, different directions and for what end! War is developed by mankind, God never intended there to be such, even though in the Old Testament there were wars and rumor of wars. The stronger the evil, the more profound the war against it. As long as evil is present, wars will be necessary.

    • I am not pro-war but sadly sometimes there may be a need for it depending on who is fighting who and what is the root of the conflict. Sometimes a third party negotiator can help. Sometimes not.