Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence?

If you are like countless other people, you probably wondered (either out loud or muttering under your breath) is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence. In the literal sense, you gaze jealously over your side of the fence into your neighbor’s yard where it is revealed before your very eye a lush green and growing lawn that is cut to perfection. The other meaning is that of a question to our own selves which is why am I living a lesser material life than others? You work just as hard (if not harder) than many others do but the rewards aka the fruit of your labor is not there for you.

Who can you talk to about this injustice that is being done to you? After all, is said and done you just don’t feel you are getting a sizeable enough piece of the pie you feel you so richly deserve. For starters, you can talk (pray) to G-d and ask for all the material things that are missing from your life that in order to keep going you must have these things. This is probably not the best route to go as G-d tends to frown upon requests for materialistic items.

So where then can you turn? There are no shortage of Financial Advisors, Stock Brokers, etc. that you can dial up who will enthusiastically “help” you with your “wealth strategy.” The problem is as their wealth goes up while yours plummets even further. This is not to say that these financial professionals have not helped plenty of people realize their material dreams. Solution number two to this dilemma is known to be a little on the risky side of things.

Seemingly you are back to square one with no plausible solution outside of doing something radically stupid like creating a Ponzi scheme ala jailbird Bernie Madoff. As an experiment try putting yourself in the shoes of somebody who has less than you. What advice would you give that would help them to overcome their financial or other difficulties they are dealing with? How do think they feel about where they are?

Is it safe to say these people who have less than you probably are miserable in their current situation but like you have no clue as to what to do or where to go? In actuality, it is NOT safe to operate on the above premise. The reason being is that there are those who are perfectly content with what they have now knowing full well what little they have is substantially more than what others have. While you rant and rave about unfair life is (it can be) since you do not have what you want, the party that has far less than you in many categories is extremely grateful for what they DO have.

In my own life, I have had yearnings (still do at times) for all of the supposedly great things I could or could have done or had if the money was there to pay for it all. There are dreams and there is reality. The reality of my situation is that I am not one who is “in the money” so a modest lifestyle is what my wife and I must lead. To be able to throw away the insulin pens along with the myriad of pills we have to take would be a million dollar gift to us.

Mind you of course if one day we were to wake up to find that underneath our mattress lay wads of cash just waiting to be spent on the best of the best I will admit smiles would be plentiful. I will sadly say that all of this money would not negate the need for all these medications that different doctors prescribed for one reason or another. The human body does not tolerate the introduction of these medications into it leading to having to manage the long-term complications from the side effects these medications can cause. We get down and disgusted not only for having the need for these substances but the various normal bodily functions that get stolen from us that can never be recovered even if we were swimming in pools of money.

Real power does not come from being rich. Being an extraordinary leader guarantees nothing either. In essence what I am trying to convey to you is that we all have our wants but they may not coincide with our needs that cannot be bought. When our lives come to their fitting end none of our spoils will go with us. Life is short and precious meaning if you keep chasing after great wealth or get mired in envy because somebody else has more than you remember once again there are those that have far less than you but in the end of the cycle of life it all evens out.

We will be buried beneath green grassy fields similar to the ones we had to have on our own lot to admire and bragged so much about to all who would listen. When our life meters run out all those things we worshiped when we purchased them will have long outlived their usefulness. Now you must ask yourself with your last breaths that will emanate from your lungs did you make the choices you made in your life the only ones you could have or should have made?


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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    • Lynn, thank you for the read and comment on my article. Material wealth can at times influence the outcome of political elections it can do nothing if you are G-d forbid terminally ill. I am not even close to being wealthy or living that life is anywhere close to that. Sometimes you have to be satisfied with what you have as others would give anything to have what you have. To me, great wealth means that you have your health and your family.

  1. Know there is a problem? Don’t know how to get from step A to Z?
    Order green astro-turf in a can. With green astro-turf in a can, you too can have the greenest lawn and be the envy of your neighborhood.

    Though this may sound like a joke, it demonstrates a foundational approach to marketing and sales. Customers must be able to see the solution; must visualize the solution. That visual will often outsell, outperform what really the customer needs to do to solve their problem.

    Marketing can be very cool; and at the same time very disturbing.

    • Hi Chris,
      Your points are well presented. In this article I was trying to emphasize the need many people have to “keep up with the Jones’s and gather as much materialistic items that are of the most monetary value. Thank you for always being there.