Is The Flame Of Passion Lighting Up Your Life?

Heart Whisper- passion

When you follow the path of your heart the flame of passion will light up your life. This card inspired these questions that flowed onto the pages of my journal ………

✅ What is your true passion? 

✅ What drives you to live fully from your heart?

✅ What is it that feeds your soul?

I wrote:

Setting others on fire by the joy that comes when they

❤️ truly love themselves.

❤️ know that they are enough.

❤️ step into their power each day.

This empowers you and me and in turn empowers the world. This creates ripples of love which comes when we have inner peace and joy is our daily way to be.

If We All Came From Love…..

If we knew we were at peace within, just Imagine how beautiful the world would be…. This is magic, this is my passion, what drives me to live from my heart each day and feeds my soul. So start today with loving you. This is the first step.

“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror” –Byron Katie
I get my clients to do is the morning mirror exercise  in the bathroom each morning and to really reinforce it, do it at night too.  This is what I have on my bathroom mirror.Yes  this can be difficult when you first start, especially if judge yourself. You know the inner critic. Start by looking into those beautiful eyes of yours. Focus on your eyes and say I love you……. ( put your name here). One of my clients said recently to me that it was getting easier. She found it very challenging when she first started.

Here is an image you can download and use as a screen saver to remind you to repeat these 3 words daily. 

I-love-youand some words for your journal:

My heart is whispering I love me,

I am so grateful for me

I am a blessing to myself

and the world

Today I will be gentle with me

Today I will allow myself to shine

I will listen to my heart’s whispers and know that

I am beautiful and I am love

“If we really love ourselves everything in our lives works.” –Louise Hay

How would you answer the 3 passion questions?

Share in the comments below or come and add to the conversation in the Heart Whisperer Movement on Facebook

All my love

 Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful!


Suzie Cheel
Suzie Cheel
Suzie Cheel is the Abundance Queen. Artist, Healer, Intuitive Transformational Leader and Heart-Centered Entrepreneur. Suzie is passionate about empowering lightworkers, creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs shine their light, step into leadership by being true to themselves, opening their hearts to love and creating wealth in all areas of their lives. Then they can leave legacies of love that create true freedom and peace in the world. Suzie is the creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards that were born out of her own healing journey and help people learn each day to truly love themselves. Find out more at

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  1. Susie, I love this one! I love the images, the words, the feeling it gives me. It warms me, soothes me, makes me feel the love for one’s self is not only ok but required to allow us to live our lives in the image of what we were created to be.

  2. Being passionate about what you’re doing and how you’re serving others is fulfilling and it lights up your life. That is so true, Suzie. If we’re not passionate about what we do and believe we are worthy to help transform others, we will never be able to surmount the challenges that come our way. On loving yourself….yes! WE have to start with loving ourselves more. If we don’t why should we expect others to love us? Thank you for these reminders!

  3. This quote really resonated with me, “Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror” –Byron Katie. I so believe in mirror therapy. We focus so much on loving others when we should love ourselves first. Like you and Louise Hay said, when we love ourselves everything else just falls into place. Great article, Suzie.

    • Thanks Lynn, Yes it can be uncomfortable, and if we were told this from a very early age and loving oneself was seen as a must what a different world we would have :) if we don’t take of us we can’t be effective in the world , thanks for the comment xx

  4. To love oneself is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges.
    Self-care involves the courage to take care of oneself, in addition to any judgment or criticism, beyond the cultural models imposed by the context. Taking care of oneself means first and foremost to love oneself and to think that one deserves one’s attention, to give oneself permission to express oneself freely and to have gratifications.
    It is not necessarily an act of selfishness, but rather we would call it a useful, natural and good gesture towards us. In fact, loving oneself allows us to find our dimension, to fully express our identity and our potentialities, but also to evolve, to be more adaptable to change and therefore to be able to become more similar to what we feel to be inwardly.

    • Hi Aldo , yes to love oneself unconditionally can be a real challenge. Sometimes the universe intervenes as it is in my case about 7 years ago. I had to , even though I had done years of personal development I had a NDE and the way i healed was to fully love myself. Not easy but sometimes you have to become selfish and put your first in order to help others better. T