Is Self-Awareness a Basic Need?

If you want to donate money and you have no money you cannot donate. The desirability to donate lacks the ability to do so. You cannot donate what you do not have.

Extend the same logic to self. You cannot give empathy if you do not have it even if you desire to.

You cannot understand others before you may understand yourself. If not then you give what you do not have. This is not possible.

Self-awareness of what we desire and what we have is crucial. If not we may fall in many traps.

One trap is what Jean L. Serio CEIC, CPC, CeMA, CSEOP described in a recent comment. Jean wrote “- “often leader arrogance is brought on by an individual’s delusion re their skills and abilities.” And – mistaking confidence for competence”.

Debasish Majumder shared a quote that is relevant to this post. The quote reads “Mistakes are better if it make one humble than the achievements which make one arrogant.”

It makes a huge difference for a leader to know himself and his reaction to failure and success. Is it humbleness in case of failure or arrogance in case of success?

Vijendra Singh expressed the value of self-awareness with a commanding insight. He wrote “Our biggest responsibility is towards ourselves, if we grow intellectually/spiritually/mentally, everybody else around us grows.”

Singh went on to write “Do we know why leadership is the TOP skill of our times? It is because we are not finding many good people who work on themselves (Their issues/anger/anxieties/fear). Knowing your weakness and working on them is a scary and many of us shy away and find anchors into the worldly and superficial view of leadership which is about leading big teams/delivering big results etc.”

How could a leader, for example, know that he is not the cause of a problem unless he has self-awareness? Again, if not he is then trying something he does not know that he does not have.

Self-Awareness is key to success

To act mindfully any human needs to know what he has and what he is able to do. To have an ability with no desire for what you are able to do or having a desire with no ability is futile.

One key advantage for leaders is first knowing themselves before trying to know the team. There is no way around it.

  • Without self-awareness how can we identify our purpose in life?
  • Without self-awareness how can we identify the values that guide us?

The above discussion makes me wonder if self-awareness is a basic need or not?

Please share your views


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. Totally agree: Self-awareness is the starting point for everything, the more knowledge one has of own abilities, difficulties, goals, etc. the better the approach one will have in life from all points of view, from school to work choice, from the choice of a friend to that of our emotional partner, etc.
    The famous Greek inscription on the temple of the god Apollo “know thyself” could not represent more effective advice for one’s own realization.
    Moreover, a self-conscious examination is important above all because we all suffer, even unconsciously, the conditioning that came from the outside world and that send us back the image that others have of us. Some of these conditionings generate beliefs and convictions so powerful in us that although we do not feel the weight directly, we suffer the consequences, limiting or preventing us from achieving new and desired results.

    • Thank you Aldo for your support and the justification and explanations you suggest and present in your valuable comment.

      I agree with you on every thought in your comment. In fact the comments so far on my share of this post on LI (exceeding 30 comments) are in harmony with yours. Some comments even explains in some detail the validity of your comment. It is not only me.