Is Linkedin Becoming More Like Facebook?

linkedin-jediFor people who use social media, there is a clear distinction between LinkedIn and Facebook. They are both social media networks, but their purposes are very different. While Facebook was created to be a casual social media network where people find their colleagues, befriend each other, and share funny content and everyday news, LinkedIn was made to serve today’s professionals. It was made to allow business people to come together, for companies to communicate with one another, to be a place to look for jobs, a very powerful posting platform and so much more. So, what is making people say that LinkedIn is becoming more like Facebook?

Apparently, there is a recent tendency among some users to post personal photographs, jokes, puzzles, riddles, and other such content. Some LinkedIn users may appreciate a bit of diversity now and then. At the same time, some are concerned that LinkedIn will start losing some of its original identity as the place where professionals and companies come together. Should this really be a cause for concern?

While some would not want such a thing to happen, there are some voices that appreciate this slight change. Employers see some benefits in posts with a personal touch. It is true that each of them created LinkedIn profiles for the benefit of their career and professional life. But, some consider that this aspect is making LinkedIn rather rigid. While they can find out everything about the education, training, skills, and experiences of a particular person, they cannot see how that person behaves in real life. So, having a chance to see details like hobbies, interests, and personality during their free time, and not solely in a professional environment, is considered to be useful from the point of view of an employer. It is also true that during an interview, the employer will not just ask questions about performance and achievements. He will also want to know what that person does in his or her spare time. Believe it or not, these details can give clues that will help an employer pick the right candidate.

Others see no benefit in this Facebook-style behavior on LinkedIn. They do not appreciate casual or personal posts and would prefer for LinkedIn to remain as it was at its beginning: a network that was designed for professionals & companies. We should be more selective when it comes to personal content on LinkedIn, and understand where it is suitable and where it is not. For instance, if you are trying to get a job using LinkedIn, showing a bit of your character and personality won’t hurt. It will be like a bonus, if it is presented next to a well-made LinkedIn Profile. After all, a vast number of employers look for candidates that attract their attention and are capable of thinking outside the box. But that being said, of course, don’t overdo it and post pictures of you in your bikini from your last trip to the Bahamas like you would on Facebook. Always try to maintain a level of professionalism.

LinkedIn is still the most preferred and popular social network for professionals. Thus, both companies & professionals prefer LinkedIn to promote their business, identify suitable candidates, find their ideal employment opportunities & establish new connections. It is also a very powerful platform to post your articles on. So, rest assured that LinkedIn will still remain the trustworthy network where professionals get informed, come together, talk and do business with each other.

Editor’s Note: This Article originally appeared on LINKEDIN SUPERPOWERS and is featured here with permission.


Dennis Koutoudis
Dennis Koutoudis
Dennis Koutoudis is a successful entrepreneur, a recognized LinkedIn expert, a Certified Social Media professional & speaker. He is the Founder & CEO of LinkedSuperPowers an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Social Media Consulting Company specialising in optimising the LinkedIn Profiles of both individuals & corporations (see company explainer video) as well as helping them achieve their professional goals via the most effective usage of LinkedIn & Social Selling. It is also worth mentioning that Dennis was recently ranked by Klout #1 globally amongst the LinkedIn Experts (individuals or entities) who had generated the most engaging content for the topic of LinkedIn in the last 90 days. Dennis has personally worked with executives at Pfizer, Bloomberg, Nokia, Amazon, Deloitte, and several other Fortune 500 Companies while he is frequently asked to speak at events and conferences. He has over 32.000 followers on LinkedIn, more than 280+ LinkedIn recommendations. has listed him as the #1 Social Media Expert to follow on Twitter for October 2016, has been recognized by Agilience as Top Authority on Social Media and he has been cited in Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post (see: In The Name of Gucci... & Sargent, LinkedIn & the right to fame),, CNN iReport, Engadget, Buzzfeed, The Great Work Insights Podcast, SheKnows and Digital Doughnut amongst numerous other recognized international publications.

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