Is it Just a Great Resignation or More Hopefully a Great Awakening?

So much discussion about the Great Resignation and its implied message of dissatisfaction with the past has led us to the now. I think we need to use terms that suggest moving forward, doing better, feeling more valued. In short, a great transition or, better still, a Great Awakening.

We had long read about 70% of us not feeling engaged in our work but felt we were stuck with it. I suggest those of us in that category felt life was about having to do what others expected of us rather than what we would love to be doing.  Covid-19 has apparently spurred many of us to finally do something about it.

Calling it the great resignation focuses our attention on no longer being resigned to doing what we don’t like doing.  Better if we focus on moving forward, doing better for ourselves, or, to use my theme, to enjoy being our true selves in all facets of our lives and especially in our working life.

Any major transition we have ever made in our lives has always been aimed at improving our lot in every way we can.  A time of doing a due-diligence on what we prefer, our highest priorities, what makes us feel better, and what energizes our drive to improve ourselves. No more so is this the case than in the current global transition which is far deeper than getting away from an unsatisfying past.

The great awakening is, I believe, not just about individuals changing jobs. It’s about a societal recognition that life is far more valuable than ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. We are now reasserting the fact we were each born with a unique mix of talents, gifts, passions, skills, and abilities for a purpose. These resources are our natural key to true personal success and society’s task of achieving real progress in the world of business and social development.


Peter Nicholls
Peter Nicholls
When you lose yourself in an interest you enjoy, you find yourself. For 50 years, Peter has been driven by a passion to understand not so much what people enjoy but why they enjoy it. What role does the enjoyment factor play in our lives, our personal growth, and development? After gaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Recreation Planning, Peter spent 30 years working professionally in recreation development, helping people of all ages improve the quality and range of their favourite recreational experiences. He was, in effect, helping people “re-create” their true self through interests they enjoy for the sheer intrinsic pleasure of the experience. His first book “Enjoy Being You” (2001) reflected his work in those years. What might this do, thought Peter, for our lives at work and personal life beyond simply leisure and recreation? After leaving work, Peter re-invented himself as a Life Enjoyment Mentor, helping people enjoy being their true selves. He created a structured approach to help people unpack everything they enjoy in life and repacking those experiences that will become the basis for their future. (Producing many ‘aha’ moments) Having a professional background in what people do when they are not at work, Peter’s writings bring a different, refreshing and revitalizing perspective to what drives our lives, including our work. As well as “Enjoy Being You”, Peter is also the author of “The Hunger to Grow – an Alternative to Retirement” (2016) and “Enjoy Being Proud of Who You Are – 52 Lifeskills Messages for Teenagers” (2013). You can find out more about Peter Nicholls at Peter Nicholls | LinkedIn, at, and on Facebook at Peter Nicholls | Facebook.

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