Is Cable TV better than Amazon or Netflix?

Online streaming services are rapidly becoming a substitute for cable TV services and a deciding factor while selecting one’s internet connection or complete plan which included TV and phone services as well. Though, the addition of new choices to the market every year is constructing it as more and more challenging for consumers to consider their options.

But then again you don’t have to worry if you are reluctant to switch from traditional cable TV services, there are some alluring deals and prominent cable TV service providers like Cox, Xfinity or spectrum cable in the marketing that have made their mark on their loyal customers all over the country for decades now.

However, in this article, we will be comparing two of the most loved online streaming services i.e. Netflix and Amazon, in order to help you understand the features of both with comparison and, of course, to look at the pros and cons in a way so you can decide better for yourself. So, before any further delay, let’s have a look at two of the leading names when it comes to streaming services and what they have to offer.

Comparison of Netflix vs. Prime Video plans

Netflix deals with a three-tier subscription service comprising of 4K Ultra HD, High Definition, Standard Definition, and while Amazon provides the one service which is included with its Prime membership or available for individual purchase.

 Prime VideoPrime Membership + Prime VideoBasic Netflix Standard Netflix Premium Netflix
Monthly charges$9 a month$13 per month (or $119 a year)$9 a month$13 a month$16 a month
Free trialone monthone monthone monthone monthone month
Streaming speed15 Mbps15 Mbps3 Mbps (SD)5 Mbps (HD)25 Mbps (4K)
Simultaneous streams22124
Offline watching availableYesYesYesYesYes


*Monthly charges plus taxes for the duration of the agreement. Extra charges and terms and conditions may apply. Charges vary based on location and accessibility. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. May or may not be serviceable based on the service region. Speeds may differ. As of 02/05/20.

Netflix vs. Prime Video summary

Content Variation

NetflixAmazon Prime Video
# of movies*3,75122,876
# of TV shows*1,5691,984
IMDb Top 250 Movies 3321
IMDb Top 250 TV Shows 6947

* This data is shared by JustWatch.com on 17th January 2020.

Netflix has emerged as a trusted source in the industry that the content that has previously aired somewhere else witnesses an instant boost in traction only for being present on the service.

Whereas Amazon claims nearly five times as many titles as Netflix, the indication advises it’s a number more than value. Furthermore to its edge when it comes to original content, Netflix possesses more titles in the top 250 IMDb’s lists of movies and TV shows, which include popularity and user ratings to determine its ranks.

Value for money

Netflix offers its subscription service into three levels: $9 per month for the Basic plan, $13 per month for the Standard package along with HD then $16 per month for the Standard package that comes with 4K Ultra HD. Amazon Prime Video is worth $9 per month, though you can easily upgrade and get all the benefits of Prime membership, which includes free shipping, Prime Music, and various discounts, for $13 per month or $119 per year (or $9.92 a month).

Amazon also provides some great discounts on the Prime membership, which include a student discount that costs $0.99 per month for the first six months, after that half off to its standard price till you graduate. Both of these services come with a 30-day free trial offer for all new customers.

The bottom line

So, let’s conclude the comparison in simple words, what’s that one thing that Prime Video gets and Netflix doesn’t? Briefly, all the benefits of an Amazon Prime that are exclusive for its members only. But then again if you compare them on the streaming merits, there is no competition: Netflix gives better yet original content, improved user experience, and overall a better library of TV shows and movies. Therefore, the question is no longer whether you need Amazon or Netflix, but whether you need additional online streaming services or not.

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