Is Authenticity an Illusion?

I was watching the less than two minutes video below when the idea of this post popped up. What attracted my attention was that the two-glued Styrofoam rings have the shape of the wings of a butterfly. Their illusion as they dance together reminded me of the butterfly effect.

Questions started pouring into my mind such as

  • We define trust as the glue that binds people together. dance
  • How will the glued two people affect each other in the end?

Those seemingly innocent questions took me on a journey of wonderment.

Sciences when they come in contact and glue together new science and facts emerge that turn previous scientific facts into an illusion of reality. Wiki expressed this idea so well “Biology can be viewed as an emergent property of the laws of chemistry which, in turn, can be viewed as an emergent property of particle physics”.

Theories turn into illusions, but their interactions lead to the emergence of new sciences.

Scientific American published a great article by Lee Smolin titled “Space: The Final Illusion. I quote this part from the article “Roughly speaking if two particles interact and then separate, flying far apart from each other, they nonetheless may continue to share properties of a strange kind, that may be ascribed to the pair, without each of the individuals having themselves any definite properties.”

Are we the same when we glue to each other (event) we both change and never revert to type by not being what we were before? Is this what trust does? The stronger trust is the longer it shall last and the more trusting parties shall create events that change them all.

If the above is true what is then authenticity? Is it simply an illusion?

Please share your views.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. When you trust you bond and when you bond with somebody, even for a very short time, an experience that will have a transformative effect of some sorts happen. I do agree that trust is one of the biggest “glues” in our human experience and that’s probably why when that is broken, the illusion of the “perfect state” it professes (there’s no better state than that of total trust towards someone or something) is forever broken and irreparable. Great article Ali, one that can take one’s mind in many directions, and that’s always a good thing!

  2. We cannot be authentically free if we do not know what conditions us, what deceives us or what keeps us away from the truth.
    Being authentic means being convinced that you have made your mark on everything, even in daily actions. It is writing, speaking, doing sports, reading, studying, working with the awareness that not even for a moment has tried to be another person, a bad copy of something. To fully experience the time that has been made available to us, it is better to tell about oneself in its entirety, not to be carried away by the character or the attitude of success of the moment. You have to show your reality with your own wealth of experiences, not inventing anything but simply making yourself available as you are, you have to bring out your own self!
    It all starts with us, from what we are, we field what we have, our qualities without being afraid to use them, give ourselves without worries because we are aware of bringing value and quality useful for achieving a goal, whether at work, in the family or in a community.
    In summary, authenticity for me means not being ashamed of what you are, surrounding yourself with positive people, giving value to even the little things, improving and being always evolving and never defining yourself as truly arrived. It means knowing your true personality and showing it.
    There is no other person like you. Neither in the body (physically) nor in the soul (spiritually). You are unique and unrepeatable, make yourself available to others as you are, it is the greatest gift you can give.

    • In summary, authenticity for me means not being ashamed of what you are, surrounding yourself with positive people, giving value to even the little things, improving and being always evolving and never defining yourself as truly arrived.
      This quote from your great comment, Aldo is the core issue.

      I believe authenticity is being sensitive and influenced to great thoughts such as your comment is.

      I may have lost part of being my original, but I gained much and a new authenticity of me

      This is how your comment influenced me.

  3. IIllusion is shaped by intention (be it consciously or unconsciously)and is easily influenced by outside forces…However, that does not mean that forces creating collaboratively cannot have intentions that exist independent of one another…Thank you for the nteresting thoughts here to ponder further Ali Anani…Always a pleasure;-)

    • Exactly the idea of the post is reflected in your comment, Cybdi.

      When watching the video with the two balls glued together and how they perform this triggered the idea in my mind of trust as a gluing agent and if if makes “glued” people behave the way the two glued rings did.
      The idea was then reinforced by the quote that I mentioned from Scientific American.

      To say I have a concrete answer I shall be dishonest. So, your question quite resonates with me, Cyndi

  4. No matter where You find Yourself between real and imagined Your share resonates with what is
    happening on the Ground my friend Ali Anani PhD..

    If thing’s on the Ground are good to great..

    The apparatus called the Cloud will work out ..

    If thing’s on the Ground are not so good the Cloud will have issues as well..

    Thank You for sharing Your remarkable insight Ali Anani