Is a Career Change the Right Move For You Right Now?

There are many reasons for people to consider changing careers. But the fear of the unknown, what is on the other side of the career adventure, will often hold people back. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine whether a career change is right for you. Are you ready for the next chapter in your professional life, or are you just experiencing a slight slump that you’ll soon get over?

Despite this, you can find ways to get to the bottom of whether a career change is perfect for you, or if it’s too risky. That being said, taking the leap and trying something new could prove to be the best decision that you ever made. To give you an idea of how to recognize whether a career change is right for you, take a look at these questions that you can ask yourself, and go from there.

Do You Feel Stagnant? 

Stagnation is something that’s bound to happen at any career. You feel like every day is the same, and wonder if it is ever going to change.

Such stagnation can come in many forms. You may feel like you’re unable to progress because your direct superior has their job locked down until they move on. This puts you at a professional disadvantage, and you can’t move up without them first leaving the position.

You can, however, avoid this stagnation by looking elsewhere. There are always opportunities to move down, such as working for a smaller company but in a more senior role, or you can look at other career prospects out there.

Are You Bored?

Boredom is another thing that will happen at every job, but the secret to a fulfilling career is to be challenged daily, it can cause you to reconsider exactly what you do. If you’re serious about career success, you don’t want to be bored, you want to feel engaged every day, even if this means hard work.

It could be that you started this job just to pay the bills and get some cash, but you’ve ended up staying for longer than anticipated. You’ve merely adopted this as your career without ever engaging with what you do. Typically, this occurs because the job is easy, or there are few checks and balances to measure against.

Have You Stopped Caring?

A symptom of finding the work boring is that you stop caring. You take yourself to work every day, regardless of what it is, but you don’t give it your all. Again,this is most common when you accidentally fall into a career. You even may have cared a little, but several factors, from progression to day-to-day engagement make it a challenge to care.

The idea of ‘not caring’ is often considered the be unprofessional. You should still give it your all no matter what. However, if you’re not getting paid to give it your all, then why should you? A career change could ignite your new passions, however, and if the pay reflects your commitment, that’s even better.

Do You Envy Other People?

Everyone wants to be happy for their friends and family when they start succeeding in their careers. You are excited for the next stage of their life, and you want the absolute best for them no matter what. However, such excitement does not mean you can’t be a little envious, especially if you currently feel unfulfilled.

Envying another’s position will help you get an idea of where you want t5o be in life. If your friends are in more senior positions and want to match them, then it’s a sign that you have bigger career plans than what you are doing right now. Conversely, if you find yourself green-eyed at those who work when they want, with no set schedule, then maybe self-employment is the best step for you to consider.,

Is Your Job Not Matching Your Current Ambitions? 

A lot of people start a career without any real ambitions to speak of. They expect they will find out as they go along. The problem with this is that it’s too easy to get stuck in a career that isn’t right for you, which means that it cannot reflect the ambitions you have.

While smaller firms are an excellent grassroots place to start, they may not have the wild, global ambitions that you crave, and this means that you feel you will never reach your professional potential. There’s a lot to be said for all the usefulness of multinational corporations, but if you are someone with high ambitions, these establishments are a fantastic place to test yourself amongst the very best.

Is There Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do?

Feeling unfulfilled and stagnant is one indicator of a necessary career change. However, career change is also a possibility if you realize that there is something you’ve always wanted to do, but have never had the money or the time to chase your dreams.

From writing a book to seeking out potential Law School scholarships, as well as everything in between, finding something that you’ve always wanted to do will help you understand whether a change in career is the perfect move for you right now.

Can You Afford It?

Changing careers can be a significant upheaval in your life. There is uncertainty about whether it will work out, and there are concerns about financial security, especially if you are going into business by yourself. Being able to afford a career change and navigate such uncertainty will help you make the correct decision.

Before doing anything, you and your partner must take a look at your finances, your savings, and consider any additional costs that could come from the prospect of you being out of work for a while. If you feel you can do it, you will at least have a plan. If you don’t think it’s possible right now, you can at least start developing a plan for when that change comes.

Will It Require You to Move?

Moving to a new city or even a new country for increased opportunities can be intimidating, but it can also prove to be incredibly beneficial should things work out. Despite this, it’s often not just what you need to think about, so be sure to consider the rest of your family and your friends.

There’s also the issue of things not working out. Do you sell your house for a new one? Do you have a contingency plan in case things don’t go as planned? It’s not fair to you or your family to dive into such uncertainty without knowing each possible outcome, so don’t be afraid to be honest with the possibilities.

Do You Dream of Leaving?

Perhaps the most significant indicator that it’s time to move onto something new is that you cannot stop fantasizing about doing something else. You always think about what you can do next, how successful you will be, and how much happier a change of scenery will make you. If this sounds at all familiar, then you know what you need to do next.

The Right Time

Arguably, there is never the right time to switch careers, but if any of these questions make you feel like you will otherwise be stuck in a job you’re not passionate about, you may as well see what else is out there. The days of staying in one job, and indeed one industry forever, are over. Life is too short to waste yourself away in a single position, so taking your chance when you can will provide you with the professional and personal fulfillment you need.

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