The online world is constantly growing, continuously changing how we buy things and the manner in which we obtain information. With new technology, we are seeing more and more online gaming. This industry is growing at a rapid rate and it is certainly worth considering a few jobs in this sector. Check out these three jobs that are very interesting and also have the potential to earn you a lot of money.

Security Analyst

Security analysts are tasked with ensuring that online casino sites are operating safely. They need to monitor gambling websites and look to stop any potential threats or breaches. They need to update software and systems regularly to make sure they are protected against hackers. It is very important that online casinos are protected because any breach could mean a loss of profit for a casino, gambler’s money being stolen and also their personal data and financial information could be stolen. To become a Security Analyst, you will usually need a degree or a relevant qualification in Computer Science or Information Technology. People who start a career as a Security Analyst can expect a starting salary of around £25,000. Career progression is usually available in companies that offer this role, such as Senior Security Lead and people can earn up to three times the starting salary within a few years.

Game Developer

Game developers are the driving force behind the games that we enjoy. They design how they work and are constantly looking for new ways to improve. Unibet, for example, is a leading online casino operator which prides itself on offering the most innovative games; and it is always a huge rush to see your work on such renowned sites. Being a Game Developer isn’t limited to one role, there is scope for a programmer, artist, editor, designer and a producer. You will need to have a creative mind to be a successful Game Developer but also a very good technical understanding of the relevant software to make sure the games can work. Employers will usually look for a degree in Computer Programming or Design, however, they will be open to candidates who have an impressive portfolio that can show off their skills. Salaries will usually start around £21,000, with the potential to earn double that in a few years as a Team Leader, and if you excel you can progress to the Head of Development that would see you earning a salary well into six figures.


To be a Bookmaker, you will have decided the odds that will sway gamblers to place their bets. The sole idea of your position is to create an exciting platform that will encourage gamblers to choose your company and create huge profits. You will need to have outstanding mathematical skills, likely a qualification or degree that you exceeded in, or be able to demonstrate to your potential employers your ability. You will also need to show you can be versatile and quick thinking, as you are likely to be competing to obtain the business of a client when they have hundreds of options. You can expect to earn around £20,000 when you become a Bookmaker, and you are likely to be judged on how successful you have been when you have dictated the odds, leading to uncapped bonuses and promotions if you exceed.

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