Instagram Video Ads – Paving The Way For Business Marketing & Promotion

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform on social media. It is known for its ease of use and creative features like Instagram Stories and Instagram Live. When you are posting videos and images on Instagram, you do not need a digital camera for the task. You effectively can take pictures from your smartphone and enhance their appeal with the photo filters available. Instagram has over 800 million users today, and this means when you are promoting your business, you can market your goods and services to them with success.

Create video ads for your business

Instagram is an excellent platform for you to share videos of your business. However, when you are creating these videos do not make them like YouTube videos. The video ads you post on Instagram should be short yet powerful. These ads generally range from 15-30 seconds. This means when you are making video ads for Instagram ensure they carry the essence of your business.

How can you promote your business in such a short video?

The above is a common question that most businessmen ask themselves when it comes to making video ads for Instagram. Since the videos are so short, they are not aware of what to post in it to attract the audience and grab their attention. Digital marketing experts say that Instagram videos can be made to –

  1. Promote a discounted offer- You can make a short video on Instagram to promote a discounted offer for your business. Here, you can make a high-resolution video that displays an attractive discount in the first few seconds. This helps you draw attention, and if you add the right caption and hashtags, you can promote sharing as well.
  2. Sell coupons- You can sell coupons with short videos to your network. With these coupons that can buy products at discounted rates or buy one and get one free. This video will help you to engage the audience and promote more sales.
  3. Introduce a contest- You may use a video to introduce a contest for your business. This involves engagement and participation of the followers in your network. Highlight the salient points of a forthcoming contest for your business and engage your audience in promoting shares and likes. Photo sharing contests are an excellent way for you to get free Instagram likes for your business brand.
  4. Solve a problem- Your video can also address a problem and provide a solution in 15 to 30 seconds. This informs the viewer that you are a company with a mission to resolve any common issue the market or customer generally faces with your product or service offered.

Make your videos appealing with text

Along with visuals add text to your videos as well. There are times when your follower might not be able to hear your video loudly. For instance, in a crowded place, public transport, etc. This is why you should include text with your video so that he or she can at least read and know what your video is about. You may use Apple Clips that will help you to highlight salient points of your business that you do not want the viewer to miss.

Always concentrate on a single goal – do not confuse your viewers

When you are making a video for Instagram, you must focus on one goal only. You should create a video on brand awareness, solving a problem, or to sell your product. Do not mix two goals at once when you are making a business video ad for your company. You do not want your follower to get confused. Use simple text and language to make the video easy to follow. If the viewer likes your video, he or she will share the post with his or her network.

Last but not the least, ensure that the business video you make for your company does not look like an aggressive advertisement or sales pitch. It should have a subtle yet appealing message. You must ensure that the ad blends in well with the news feed that your network will see. When you are filming the video ensure you shoot with the right dimensions and highlight the best angles of your product to create a positive impact.

Instagram is an amazing platform for creating and sharing business video ads. Try to integrate them into Instagram Stories so that they are shared instantly. When you are making business videos on a regular basis ensure that you keep the visuals consistent. Always add a call-to-action link so that your audience knows what to do once he or she has viewed the video. In short, your business video ad should make a good impression. Focus on highlighting the best parts of your business and ensure that you get the likes, shares, and comments you deserve!


Karen Anthony
Karen Anthony
KAREN is a Business Tech Analyst who provides consultations to private and public organizations and helps them select the best technologies for their needs. Karen recommends you to use digital menu board in your stores to attract more customers and get more sales. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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