Instagram: Tell Your Story And Let Others Follow You

Are you bored with long stories of Facebook and Twitter? Then try Instagram. This is an app designed specially to consider your social activity and allow you to engage with your family and friend. Rather than reading the long post on Twitter and Facebook, people love to see the photos and small videos. It is a quite simple process in which you have to create a user account along with the security password.

This is very exploratory and fun loving app. Here you can upload the photos and videos constantly in the way of telling the story. The young crowd loves this app very much and upload a number of visuals on a regular basis.

Purpose of Instagram

It is the nature of human being to get more engaged with the photos or videos instead of narrative posts. Instagram has the quintessence to share visuals that led others to watch. So it depends upon the user to choose the photo that engages more followers. Here, you can also follow your favorite character, for example, your favorite singer, chef, writer, actor, political leader, and so on. It works similarly to other social networking websites or apps.

Instagram is a very beautiful user interface which is used by various users for different reasons. You can find a lot of interesting clothes, cars, and sports then this is also the best way too hooked here. Most of the business whether the small one, start-ups and the big one, are using this app to get in touch with more fans to grow their business.

Reasons to choose Instagram

There are several reasons to hang out with this amazing app. It is not even good for individuals but also for the business. It helps the marketer to engage with the audience very effectively. Here are the few reasons to choose Instagram over other social network sites.

  • Uses of mobile

Nowadays the uses of mobile are increasing day by day. Almost everyone owns a Smartphone. So the app Instagram has gained the popularity as it is on your phone. You will get all the notification instantly. The use of mobile makes this app trendier. This is a very trouble-free app and can be operated very easily. Just scroll the app and see the posing of others.

  • Ocular in nature

This is an interesting app with visual in nature. This allows the photos and videos to attract the followers. Instagram is the main reason because of the visual marketing is gaining the popularity. All the photos and videos are very simplified and uploaded in the user-friendly format.

  • Uniqueness

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a social networking app, but it owns some uniqueness. It allows uploading the finest photographs and videos rather than descriptive posts. The business uses this platform to encourage their business by adding photos and videos of their products. There is Instagram automation tool available in the market which provides the business to gather a good fan following.

  • Functionality of Instagram

Instagram is used for many reasons as it is not cantered to one purpose. Some use it for the personal post and some for the business post or marketing. It works as the best marketing place for your business. You can get in touch with your fans with this visual media of marketing and reply to them on the same. This engages them in your business and product.

How to enhance the Fan following in Instagram?

If you want to market your product through Instagram, then use this wonderful facility to promote it right here. It is the platform for the marketer to market his/her business. This small app will give your business a competitive edge over competitors. Here you can find that will help you to enhance your business and make it familiar worldwide.

  • Use the finest photographs and videos that would help your business to grow and engage more people to see them. The images should be attractive in nature gathers more audience.
  • Keep the small text or use hashtags to engage more people. These hashtags are important to get the fan following.
  • Give some awards to your audience like give discount or freebies to your audience is the good way to engage them and hook with your business.
  • Add good, and positive replies also make the post more interesting.

Some amazing facts about Instagram

Since the day of establishment, Instagram has gained the popularity. This is the very user-friendly app and trendy among the young generation. There are several facts that you should know about this interesting app. Here you can find some amazing facts about Instagram.

  • Instagram has launched on 06 October 2010.
  • Within 24 hours there was hashtag (#) 1 in the app store.
  • It gets popularity as it is awarded the iPhone app of the week.
  • On December 21, 2010, the app was downloaded at its highest record.
  • Instagram has launched with seven new languages.
  • Just after two years of launch, this app has crossed the limit of 25 million users.

These are the interesting and amazing facts that make you more aware of this visual world. The idea of using images and videos is quite different and becoming popular.


So, these are the reason why you should join the Instagram and get your account overcrowded. This is the way to market your products and also get it worth some. This does not even add more value to your business but also make you famous worldwide. Your brand will be known around the world. This encourages the visual marketing also as the Instagram has the option to upload photos and videos to the public. You can enhance your fan following with this unique app and grow competitively in this highly competitive world. Hashtags (#) are the way to enhance the business or individual images and videos on Instagram. It is the strategy to make win-win situation by winning the heart of the people.


Harris Scott
Harris Scott
HARRIS is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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