Insights Into The “Living Photo”

Some industries are more transient than others. Some companies have a higher turnover rate than others. Some businesses hire/fire/promote faster than others. This issue leads to one expensive problem… the staff or team photo that might appear on their website, ad pieces, or brochures. It’s often outdated almost as soon as it’s been taken.

The Solution

Suppose your team photo could be interchangeable. Suppose that group of eight, ten, or even twenty, was never outdated. Suppose you could remove an individual or two, rearrange the group composition, then add one or two new people to the same photo – all without having to shut the office down for the day, just to re-photograph the entire group.

How Is This Possible?

At Newsome’s Studio of Photography, we’ve perfected what has been dubbed by our clients as “the living photo.” Finally, an inexpensive and convenient way to maintain an updated photo no matter many of, or how often, the team changes players!

Newsome’s Studio will photograph each individual team member in a variety of poses, then select the best expression and body angle on each person to complete a composite of the group. Expertly blended, the final product is an incredibly believable group photo, where everyone looks their absolute best!

When the time comes that changes in personnel require the removal of someone in the group, simply contact the studio and allow us to remove the selected individual and rearrange the group to send you a new version.

When the time comes that changes in personnel require the removal of someone in the group, simply contact the studio and allow us to remove the selected individual and rearrange the group to send you a new version. When a replacement or new team member is hired, send them to the studio to be photographed and we can add them to the group composite!

No longer do you need to shut the office down to create a new group photo, saving you time, money, and aggravation!


For more information on “the living photo,” contact the studio at 813-968-2810 and let us assist you in keeping your team photo as up-to-date as possible.


Kevin Newsome
Kevin Newsome
KEVIN is a past president of three professional photography organizations, and earned the designation of Certified Master Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America. He is a published author, and an accomplished speaker/instructor at state and national professional photography conventions and schools throughout the US and Canada. Full-time professional photographers, Kaye and Kevin Newsome, are well known for providing high quality photography for Tampa’s families, children, high school seniors, executives, and providing corporate event and convention coverage throughout the US. Kaye earned an Associate of Science degree in photography from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale, and also serves as the Executive Director for the Florida Professional Photographers, Inc. She was the very first photographer in the state of Florida to be accepted into the National organization, Special Kids Photographers of America, certifying her talent and abilities in photographing children with special needs. Together, they photographed over 800 weddings before redirecting their documentary style and journalistic talents toward corporate events, award banquets, and conventions around the country. They earned enough trust and respect from their brides and grooms, that they quickly created a children and family portrait business. In time, that evolved into a very successful high school senior portrait business. The digital age brought a huge demand for their talents in the executive headshot business. And since the very beginning, they’ve met the demand for foreign passport photos (measured in millimeters) and copy and restoration of old photos. Over time, their talents were honed in each of these genres, and today, their studio is capable and qualified to provide photographic services in a host of areas for both the consumer and corporate markets.

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