Insights Into Hosting And Web Design


Putting a website or blog online involves connecting to the Internet. There are several kinds of host servers to choose from for personal or business websites. To make an informed choice, clients need to know more about web hosting techniques needed for different webpage types.

Webpage design is also an important element in attracting customers or readers. If the webpage design looks dated or the site isn’t easy to use, traffic or customer sales won’t grow. For these reasons, hosting and web design are critical elements for a new website or webpage.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting allows web surfers to browse websites on the Internet. The web server is a type of computer used to send information for a business or personal page to the Internet. A web host company provides server use to clients so that they can present information, pictures, videos, or files to website users. The host also provides sufficient bandwidth to accommodate site traffic.

The web host’s purpose is to help users with little to no site experience to access the Internet. However, it’s important to know that website customers don’t require a web host to link their pages to the Internet. Because most people don’t have website experience or know how to set up a server from a personal PC, hiring a host company saves them time and money. The web host provides access to the Internet and is there to manage any related issues for clients.

Types of Web Host Providers

There are a few different web host service styles. Depending upon the website the customer wants to publish on the Internet, not all web hosts will work for everyone:

  • If a website contains various scripts or user-generated information, or the customer wants to publish an automated system requiring PHP or CGI scripts, it’s important to know that the host has the ability to support these requirements.
  • Most hosts charge clients a fee for service in today’s economy. In the past, it was possible for some sites to receive reduced or free hosting in exchange for carrying ads, pop-ups, or banners. These offers usually meant clients had to accept reduced services.
  • A dedicated host can offer the client more flexibility. This type of service isn’t shared with other clients. The business or private user has access to greater bandwidth and traffic support. It’s usually the most expensive option, too.
  • Shared hosting service is typically used by most clients today. Each server accommodates a group of clients, usually up to about 200 sites. The client still has the ability to make direct site changes via an easy to use control panel. Scripts required by the website can be adjusted. Although clients pay less for shared host services, no advertisements, popups, or banner ads appear.

Client Benefits

A domain name is needed to run a website on the Internet. The webpage links to the domain address. Some web hosts allow the client to select the domain at little or no charge. Most require an annual fee to reserve the chosen domain name.

Using a web host service allows the client to freely choose content that’s seen on the World Wide Web. The client’s website or webpage is indexed by one or more search engines so that users can find it.

Selecting an ideal web host service can seem like a challenging task. It’s difficult to understand or compare what different host providers offer unless the client is familiar with technology jargon. It’s easier to remember that a business website is likely to require various extensive scripts in order to perform.

Business websites need sufficient bandwidth to maintain traffic. The client should have access to an easy to use control panel in order to change what’s necessary. It shouldn’t require lots of time from the client to make these changes

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