Inheritance and Wealth Guilt

If you have inherited your wealth or it was given to you by a family member, you are most likely feeling guilt about it.

This comes due to several reasons and all of them have to do with societal conditioning and misunderstanding of what money and wealth are and how to attract it in your life.

Here are the untruths you absorbed from the collective:

  • If you have inherited money, you didn’t earn it. This is untrue because you have energetically manifested it and therefore it has an inherent purpose. Discovering and claiming it creates clarity and releases guilt.
  • If you have inherited wealth, you should donate at least a part of it and give it away to those who “need” it. Untrue. You shouldn’t do anything. It is the unhealed victimhood of the collective that creates this expectation that a good person gives away and shares wealth. You can share it, but not for the reasons above. You should do it only if it truly feels good to share, and in a way that you find it most beneficial for you and the recipient.
  • If you have wealth it is your responsibility to make the world a “better place – more equal and fair”. Again, victim mentality imposed on you which you should reject. Your only responsibility is to yourself and the same goes for everyone else. If you have a true desire to make a difference in the world, you can do it in whatever way you choose – any authentic self-expression. It is never your responsibility to make the world better for anyone else, especially for the wrong reasons – because you are wealthy. Letting go of this false thought will free you of guilt and allow you to tap into your truth about your wealth and its purpose for you.
  • The most damaging underlining false belief is that those who don’t have money or resources should be given the same. And that giving it to them makes the giver a good person. The only thing that will free the people who don’t have money or resources is their own beliefs and energetic capacity to hold, appreciate and welcome money and resources. This is the only way to help them and empower them, and it is also not your “duty” or job to do so.

Based on all this, you can free yourself of imposed false beliefs and discover what is your truth about your wealth, your relationship to others and how you want to engage with them.

Only by letting go of societal values based on victimhood, will you ever feel free to do what is truly in your heart.  And that means you will be guilt-free.

Dunja Radosavljevic
Dunja Radosavljevichttps://www.dunjarado.com/
Dunja Radosavljevic is a Luxury Coach and Wonderer. She helps wealthy women turn their wealth guilt into wonder. Her clients release wealth guilt, find their true home within and turn their creative genius into a real-life vision. She creates ultra-fast transformation with her signature 20-minute intuitive coaching technique and her divine vocal transmissions that help clients tap into their authentic and timeless self. Her work is pure magic.