In Negativity There is Positivity and Vice Versa –with Examples

As discussed in my recent articles opposites and the way they influence our lives. In this post, I discuss the positive effects of what we look at as negative and vice versa with examples. I hope this post would help change the attitudes towards the negative sides.

We talk about pressure at work. We view this pressure as negative. Is there any positive side or pole in this negative pressure?

Negative pressure is what pumps water up in trees. The same negative pressure keeps hospital rooms free from contamination. In the enclosed rooms in which patients are accommodated have lower pressure than their surroundings. In quarantine situations and upon opening the doors and windows fresh air will suck into the rooms and prevent the microorganisms from escaping through the opened windows and doors.

The negative pressure had a positive effect by containing the risk of contaminated rooms…

Pressure has many faces such as positive social pressure and negative social pressure. Positive peer pressure and negative peer pressure is another example. Positive creativity and negative creativity is one more example.

Imagine thinking in the box and out of the box. Staying in the box is like staying in a contaminated room in a hospital. You need to use the negative peer pressure from entering your mind by quarantining them. Use the negative pressure for disallowing their contaminated influence to reach you as hospitals do. Be the positive pressure and keep confidence in yourself.

Keep the pressure of your positive enlightened creativity greater than their imprisoned negative light in their closed “mind boxes”.

Tammy L James commented on my previous post “It’s kind of like the Yang in the yang, that’s why opposites attract. I work in the workforce to me it is very valuable as I like to try to look at things from all sides that usually comes to the best solutions however it is not the easiest way keeping the electrons running in One Direction is a safe way to deal with things but disturb those electrons a brain start firing off and re-generating new ideas and new thoughts. Life is about challenging you every day so best look all side gets over with lol”.

I replied by saying that you provide a great example- creative ideas (positive result) from disturbance (which we view as negative). Again, the negative has a positive pole with disturbance leading to creativity.

Lauren Holmes wrote a beautiful post. I find the extracted portion from the post of direct relevance to this post. “I want to release you from seeking external validation from subordinates or the succession committee.  This diminishes you.”

I rephrase this great wisdom by saying be the high surrounding pressure than the pressure inside the closed contaminated minds. This way you stop their negative influence from entering your mind.

The tall trees used negative pressure to offset gravity so that absorbed water by the roots may reach the top of the tree.

Grow high with your creativity and be your own transporter of the waters of wisdom.

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