In My Little Corner

Here I sit in my little corner of the room. Here I sit as a spec of dust dwarfed by everything that is above me. In my little corner is where my big dreams with low expectations come and go as life whirls and swirls around me. It is okay as you pass on by me without taking note that I am there. For I am just one just one and one is all I am. In my little corner, I can be what I expect to be but maybe not.

The wind that blows into my little corner does not come from the north, south, east or west. The mighty wind blows from within me. But I never breathe it in or exhale it out. There are no windows in my little corner but I can see all the world as it is all there in front of me just as I would want it to be. As a piece of a feather-like gray dust ball, I roll right past you sometimes stopping at your feet. You may deftly sweep me away with your feet but in my little corner, I will remain.

You see I had this plan. I would be an ordinary man living alone but not all by myself while safely secluded in my little corner. People would come into my life some of whom would reach into the depths of my soul or the caverns of my mind. Some would forever stay while others would leave never to come back or come back at a later time when nothing was the same.

Save my love through loneliness – save my love through sorrow. I give you my only-ness – give me your tomorrow.

–If I Were A Carpenter, Tim Hardin

I remove my guitar from its cracked black leather case that sits in a corner of my little corner and gingerly lay it down at the feet of my lap. My fingers nimbly maneuver around the chords that make up the song that I am singing. Perhaps I can pretend to possesses his lyrical mastery of Bob Dylan or the not so subtle call to protest ala, Phil Ochs. Nonetheless, it all boils down to words that I am singing that I hope will resonate around my corner and into your inner selves. A voice that cracks from the pain of being all alone when nobody seems to want me in their lives even though I may elect to be in nobody’s life after all.

Perhaps better to move my white spangled feeding chair that was my launching pad for the baby food I could not eat to a place in a little corner that would be a suitable place for me. The rubber mats would no longer adhere to the steps on the ladder stored underneath the chair. There would be nowhere to climb despite longingly looking around this cubicle called a room that was laid out for me.

Self-crowned ordinary people such as myself fly around millions of miles in their little corner barely moving an inch. Before you can land you must first take off.  A bushy-tailed squirrel looks at me through the unfrosted window panes to proclaim his innocence of no crime he has committed. He points to himself with righteous indignation before darting up the tree where he will disappear from view. He and I share the feeling of needing to go away so as to hide from the world. Let no finger extend from a hand to feed me my daily allotment of facts, figures, and journeys with no end that never began.

It has been said no man is an island but in my little corner wherever it may be I am an island that is very much my island that I share with nobody or everybody depending on the day. Come what may it always seemed to be this as is the way it has to be. My door is always wide open or slammed shut with no room for anything in between. That’s how life is when my little corner is the best place I will ever be. He or she may stop in to say a quick hello but I never allow any real degree of closeness as that opens up an opportunity for the pain that I would rather do without.

But now it’s just another show. You leave ‘em laughing when you go. And if you care, don’t let them know. Don’t give yourself away.

–Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchell.

The sustenance  I need is not limited to food or drink or a meager living of sorts. What I need to be sustained is perhaps a tweet from a bird gazing at me in curiosity. I need to be bound by the unrelenting hope that there is still goodness and everlasting love in this world. Love has to be allowed into you. There is no place that love can go that you cannot follow along but inevitably you will cause love to trail behind hoping to find you. In my little corner love is distinctly and unequivocally love. Love conquers the doubt that misconceptions feed upon. Could love unlock what has been dormant within me for so long?  This love is echoing deed inside the magnificently constructed seashell that I can hear as I cradle it around my not fully functioning ear.

My rage at a world so full of rage stroked by the fires of hate reverberates around every corner in my little corner. Rage only rests when gentle brooks flow with that special rhythmic sound that makes it impossible not to notice schools of goldfish swimming side by side in perfect unanimity with each other unbiased against the other sea creatures who have joined forces to efficiently exist. Each fish of their own born out of each other are distinctly different but nonetheless the same. I have transfixed my eyes on them as I take my yearning to be with them or have them be with me in that little gigantic space where nothing exists without it being supposed to exist according to the rules, regulations and self-fulfilling prophecies I have set down as being so.

We each live in our own little corner that’s is self-containing that we can break free from to create or eliminate the limitations we subconsciously manufactured. It’s okay to place yourself in a corner if the need arises but we need to know what we fear most that now has us hunkered down will not go away until we make it go away. Seclusion from the world will not insulate us from it hard as we may try. Our world has been invaded by those who provide violence that buckles our knees to the point our bodies spasm into a useless lifeless form but living human being nonetheless.

I must now spin this article onto a different axis. This week saw more innocent people gunned down for no reason any of us could validate. A police officer was shot leaving behind a wife and three children whose figure will never again cross over their doorsteps. One incident took place at a hospital in Chicago while the other right near a sporting venue in or near Denver, Colorado.  Since when is firing at will an acceptable practice at a hospital?  How is it acceptable that a place for healing is now a safe haven for death? How is acceptable that an arena built for entertainment is now the headquarters for death squads?  The emperors of elimination must be stopped NOW via any and all legal methods. Death cannot come at the hands who have a gun license which is misconstrued to be a license to kill!  STOP THE KILLING NOW!

My creative backbone has been supported by a few very special friends I have made through my association and participation in BizCatalyst 360° whose founder, Dennis Pitocco is an inspiration as well as a driving force behind all of our efforts. My sincere but certainly not small measure of gratitude goes out to Dennis Pitocco, Larry Tyler, Sandy Chernoff, Bharat Mathur, Len Bernat, Suzana Matkovic, Raissa Urdiales, Lynne Cogan, Linda Forrester, Martin Hirsch, Nik Davis, and Andre van Heerden, and Ken Vincent. If I left anybody off the list whose life even for a brief moment became intertwined with mine please accept my apology as I would never want anybody to feel slighted or hurt!


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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    • Johnny, thank you for reading my article. Thank you for asking about my well-being. Thank you for being a friend. Take care and be well.

  1. I love this piece Joel, I was imagining you in this “little corner”…and then somehow it became me in the corner, sitting at a table…pondering on life, the past and where I am now. It Made me remember if the ups and so many downs, how I yearned for some alone time, and how now I yearn for for what I am not sure. I have more alone time now, but I am blessed to be able to have survived and come to this place I am now, or am I? Questions they come and answers are many… The world and all the violence, the sorrow caused by such horrific acts and disasters. Of the pain that is universal. Are my efforts from my “ little corner” even making a difference? I reflect yes, but I am also choosing to believe that I cannot give up…that in order to see change, then I need to continue, and do my best. So I’ll sit in my corner, and reach out to the world, to do what I can. The world needs this sense of hope!
    Thank you so much for this article and the music to reflect. To remind me of a purpose. After you lose you get to move on, the winning is the treasure of hope that allows me to step it up! It is through loss I find something else to cherish, that may have been there all along. Thank you Joel. Hope is fresh after reading this. Paula

  2. We should all have a quiet place to retreat, take a break and reflect, because only this helps us to clarify what is happening around and within us. Put the world on pause to question yourself. Clean up the mind of the thousand junk that end up inside every day.
    This allows us to put aside what does not add value to our lives, to dedicate ourselves to the essential that is what is needed for things to be what they are, what gives meaning to what is, all that remains when we have removed the superfluous.
    Writing is a very useful exercise to listen to one’s life and plan the days to come. The problem is not really what to write or when to write, but to plan some time to think and then make a list of the things we want to remove from our lives and how we can do to remove them. To make room for essential things.

    • Arlene, thank you for reading my arrticle not to mention your very gracious comment. . It is a joy and a pleasure to be amongst wonderful talented people like yourself. I wish you all good things in life.

  3. Joel, reading your article was like reading poetry., interesting, exciting, profound, compelling and yet so factual in the day we presently live in.
    Your words and sentences are finely twined making us contemplate on all of our past, the people who have wandered into our lives and yet other who became a part for a reason, season or for a life time. Looking back I wonder whether I would tell any of them what I became, what I made of myself, what I made of myself despite them and I wonder if they would care, or if it would matter.

    I remember asking my dad when I was very young, “How do the Morning Glories know they are supposed to climb up those strings. How do they know where to go?”

    Dad would quietly, almost in whisper say, “I don’t know. They just know. They know they are supposed to go up, so they look for what will help them go up.”

    Yes they just know…. Thank you Joel… be blessed.

    • Johnathan, let me begin by thanking you for reading along with commenting on my article. Your comment was very touching especially in light of the fact I never see any of the things others see in my writing. The words, etc. from these articles write themselves in my head well in advance of my doing my part which is typing them. I am the typist while my soul is the writer. Judging by what I see you are a very fine writer in your own right.

  4. Joel this is beautiful! I am honored to have been mentioned in a piece that is so profoundly moving. I could imagine my corner and so frequently see you a part of it encouraging me and raising my confidence to be the best person I can be. I am blessed to be a part of your corner and the entire Bizcatalyst 360 family. Thank you for sharing your gift of literally beauty. The ability to create a word filled visual painting in a person’s mind is a true gift.

    • Raissa, Thank you for your beautifully touching words. Many thanks are in order for the beauty you put into our sight by way of your art as well as your words. It is impossible for me to think that I have any kind of gift or create anything that is not out of the ordinary. I just write what pops into my head. When I spot a talent like yourself that is not being given the recognition they deserve I try to make sure the person knows they have talent and to use it to its fullest potential. Thank you for being an integral part of the BC360 family. As far as my piece is concerned it took so long to write and when it was finally finished I thought it was pretty bad. Giving or taking credit for myself is not something I am good at. If by some chance I have touched someone in a positive way or caused them to think and reflect then I have been paid more than any sum of money could match or come close to. Your comment was just so very special as you undoubtedly are. THANK YOU!

  5. Thank you Joel, this was profoundly moving, and through what will be a busy day, I know that your words will return again and again to remind me of the things that are truly important. What struck me with great force was your reflection on the power of love. I recently wrote a piece for young people whose worldviews are bombarded daily by the deceit and hate that flows through the media in a world where we know the greatest social scourge to be loneliness. My final paragraph runs like this: “Unlike the people who believe that the material world is all there is, arising out of the random collision of atoms in space, I believe that the universe was created, and that there is meaning and purpose in life, and a logical ordering of things in the cosmos that the human mind is capable of understanding. I believe that the great creative principle in the universe is love, and that God has shown his love for us by walking among us in the historical Person of Jesus Christ.”

    • Andre,
      Just as I put in my e-mail the BC360 experience seems like a dream to me that I never want to wake up from. Your comments were touching. I look forward to many more years of camaraderie with you as well as all the other wonderfully talented writers in this group.

    • Greetings Joel from The Gumshoe. Your words paint a vivid picture in my mind’s eye. You are a writer, poet with tremendous depth and feeling that strikes cords in the heart. You are a humanitarian in every true sense. Keep on keeping on my friend.

    • Danny, Thank you for your wonderfully touching comment. Never in my wildest dreams or even in my imagination could I ever have envisioned something as special as BC360. To be amongst some very talented writers (I never consider myself as such) who are incredibly kind, compassionate, supportive and more is an honor. To read comments like yours that are written about an article that took me weeks to write to the point I only finished it hours ago that I did felt was mediocre is an indescribable feeling. Thank you, so very much again, Danny

    • Pleased that you and Danny are now acquainted, Joel! And thank you from the entire BC360° Team for your kind words throughout your many comments AND within your very special Article here…

  6. Joel, the piece you have written enters into the corners of many and you expressed it so well. I loved it and have shared it. As a fellow writer who sometimes doesn’t feel my articles make a difference, reading this beautiful story tells me otherwise. Great job.

    • Thank you, Lynn. Your comment really touched you. I took me a couple of weeks to write this article and I only finished it early this morning. As is usually the case I did not think too much of it. There is nothing wrong with your writing! Sometimes you can write something that you are really excited about because you feel people will be inspired and touched only to come crashing down to earth when you discover there was no reaction. My last article garnered all of six views. Just write how you feel and sooner or late you will deeply touch people. Thank you again, Lyyn.

  7. Joel – As a fellow author, I loved this piece. Each of us have “…my little corner…” where we sit back and view the world – as it is in all its beauty and contrasting ugliness – and as we wish it to be with all its beauty and peacefulness. And then we write – we struggle with each word trying to paint a perfect “word picture” that will draw the reader into our corner for just a minute so we do not feel alone. We bare our souls – allowing our fears, our hopes, our pain, our wonder – just to give a voice to the many who are hiding in their corners lonely and afraid – hoping against hope that our words will make a difference and touch one life and heal their pain. Today, my dear friend, you have accomplished this unselfish act with this wonderful work. Thank you for words – Your friendship – for your willingness to be a light in a world that seems so dark. My love goes out to you.

    • Len, I truly am choked up by your comment! Thank you for writing something so beautiful as well as heartwarming.