Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates with 6 Tried-And-Tested Copywriting Tips

SMEs and large corporations appreciate the value of digital marketing for their business growth. They invest a lot of money into creating attractive landing pages through web copywriting services that know the ins and outs of writing. Millions of online surfers visit these websites every day to browse products, services, and information.

However, a large number of businesses struggle to convert site visitors into paying customers. Businesses with these websites are often left wondering what they are doing wrong and what they can do to get their visitors to buy their products and services.

Let’s look at 6 methods that have been tested for success by online businesses to convert visitors into customers. We hope that these methods can be useful for you to write great web copy for your landing page.

Tip #1 – Understand Your Visitors

The best way to succeed in sales is to understand your audience better. When you are aware of the demographics of your site visitors, your web copywriters will be able to create more relevant landing pages that generate immediate interest in readers.

Google and other web hosting services offer a variety of analytical tools that can be used to determine your visitors’ characteristics. Visitors can be categorized on the basis of age, gender, marital status, interests, income levels, and buying habits, etc.

You can also carry out user surveys or encourage visitors to create accounts with your website. When you understand the demographic of visitors coming to your website, you will be able to write better landing page content which appeals to your target group.

Tip #2 – Focus on Visitor Benefits

Copywriting a landing page is a form of art where you have to get the right balance of things. You can talk about your products, services, or brand history to create a positive impression on visitors but do not go overboard with it.

Too many businesses promote their products effectively but fail to link how their customers benefit from buying these products.

Visitors who come to your website want to know how your products and services will help them. Getting a refresher on your company history is nice and helps them differentiate your business from others. However, keep the main focus on the customer’s problem and your solution for them.

Tip #3 – Keep Your Content Simple and Interesting

Your website visitors will come with different levels of knowledge about the product. Some will be tech-savvy and want to know everything that is to know about your offering. Others will not be bothered as much about the specifics and just want to know how your products help them.

The ideal approach is to keep the language simple and free from technical jargon. You can include a section on specific product details but give your readers a heads-up that they can skip it if they want. Alternatively, you can include a link to another page or a popup window with specific technical information about your products.

Keep the language simple with a conversational tone. Use short sentences, no more than a couple of lines at most. Feel free to ask your visitors questions in between the content or use humour to keep it light.

Tip #4 – Use Call to Action and Buttons

Even if your web copywriters do an excellent job and create the most brilliant landing page, it will all come to naught if you don’t place CTAs within the copy. You should also place purchase buttons at the right locations around the text.

It is possible that your visitors have been convinced to buy your products, but they can’t do it if they don’t see a call to action on the page, can they?

This may seem like a minor detail but research has shown that it is one of the leading causes of why online businesses fail to convert visitors into customers. The CTA and purchase button must be bright, visible, and placed in multiple locations throughout the content to get the desired action from readers.

Also, make sure to test each of your buttons to ensure that they are working and taking visitors to the right page for booking an order on your website.

Tip #5 – Build a Dynamic Landing Page

Many businesses are still using scripting code from years ago which has not been optimized for mobile devices. The problem is that most users these days, young and old, access websites over their cell phones and other mobile devices.

If your business is using obsolete code, the landing page will be unresponsive to mobile technology. Your visitors will immediately notice the difference from their regular browsing experience. It makes your website look and feel old. Many visitors will be turned off and leave.

Make sure your website is up to date and has a dynamic, responsive user interface for a large variety of devices and OS platforms. Test your page on different devices. Adjust fonts and pictures where necessary to give your visitors the best user experience.

Tip #6 – Use Social Proof and Testimonials

One great way to sell your products is to use testimonials and reviews from other customers. People tend to trust the word of other online buyers who have tried out a product and found it useful.

This approach has been successfully used by major online retailers, including Amazon, Google Play and Apple stores. Complete platforms have developed online where users rate and review products or services from different businesses. Products and services with good customer ratings tend to sell better and attract more buyers.

Use testimonials in the copy and refer to happy customer stories where you can. You can also offer a way for your customers to leave feedback and ratings for your products and services. It is a great way to build trust and helps you convert visitors into customers successfully.

The Bottom Line

Whether you write your own landing page content or use a web copywriting service to do it for you, these tips will help you increase your traffic and convert visitors into customers more effectively.

Do you think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below!


Dave Brown
Dave Brown
Dave Brown is a Sr. Editor at Content Development Pros – a leading inbound marketing company that provides comprehensive content solutions, including article writing, blog writing, and website copywriting services.

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